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Vertical Intelligence

Slightly it was visible, the increase of the market… people started to talk about more deals, the move in the industry. But they always talk about good deals, when they meet. That is a typical criteria being a member of aviation, that one never says the truth about the business. It is different to other businesses, but aviation always makes up.

Then it happened, more straight deals, more moves. Forgotten people came back. The industry started to pick up. And it was here the good vibe like the 2 past years did not have. Everybody is highly motivated, except those who benefitted from the last 2 years. Some of the smart people understood that it is important to give in, to bake smaller bread. Salary negotiations or other negotiations with future people working in the industry. Pilots salaries cannot be increased every year. The vertical intelligence is to adjust in right time and to seed when it is good that one can harvest in dry times. Pilots are the smartest people and they do a hard job, but the appreciation comes when on long view there is a consistent market that will allow all those loyal and clever people to be incredibly successful. Those who will just try the shortcuts, the black sheep on the market, for them the question is like for the little doggie in the picture. Jump or do not jump into the cold water.

….and if you are lucky, you know how to swim.


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