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I do not want to discuss the book with you here, nor am I a fan of commenting any biographies. I can hardly be impressed and not bribed. When my beloved mum starts to tell me yesterdays evening movie in great details and she mixes the different characters before she corrects them again, to finally take out the last piece of excitement,……………………..I definitely become nuts.

But this time it was different. I read Steve Jobs, the man who showed 500.000 bad words when you put his name into Google, 5 years ago. Steve Jobs Biography which was written by Isaacson is something I was really impressed. Despite that you have to keep 300 different names in mind, it is not about this. Steve Jobs was a warrior, a lonely wolf, a desperado on his way to perfection. He was driven from Intuition and vision, and it was not easy to follow because he could see things that others were not able to see. And it is very difficult if you cannot see what others can see, because then it is just something that can never be the same thing. What exactly is love? How do you describe pain? Can you say how is it to have joy? For one it is like this for the other one it is like that. None of both is right nor wrong. And this was with Steve Jobs and his people. He wanted things different and simple. He denied many ideas for the fact that he felt it would not work.People left because they could not stand it, stand what? The pressure, or was it something else. They left even being offered incredible sums to stay. It was that incompatibility, the way you see things differently and cannot describe it, the way things are developing and moving and you don t know anything.  How many times did he stand against an entire board, knowing that his way would be right. I think he shares that vision with many people who started something and went through all that terrible moments when nobody believed them. When everybody was laughing and at the end you doubt yourself if it is right what you see ahead, or if this time your feeling is fooling you.

You know what is right, but you are afraid of the long and painful way to get there.

My blood was sometimes freezing for how much I could understand suddenly him and also the others. A lecture in self-reflextion, no doubt. I was puzzled.

Same like i feel and felt that something is not alright with aviation. Forget this market analysis and all the prognosis, the spreadsheets and the powerpoints. It is boring. We talk about the attitude. I mean what happened in the last 10 years with the passengers and with the crew? It would be easy to blame the crews and say – all bad, lazy. But it is not true. By the time that the security started to rule our industry we started to loose the optimism and the glamour from the job of flight attendant and pilot went away. I miss the purpose. I miss the love for the detail. I miss that we think different. We are not appreciating what we can do, flying. Instead we threat and we are threat and we think we are threatened and so on. And like in many other processes slowly but steady the development goes ahead and makes its way through all the phases of – no food for passengers, no water, please do not stand up, sorry can you speak not so loud I have my 2 hours where no one will talk to me (happened really on a german airline from miami when she was hiding behind the curtain). I admire the aircrews and I have a deep respect for them. What seems so easy and cool is annoying and boring after a while and during my book, I found out that when people are constantly trained for the worst, such as bomb attack, suspecting people learning how to put handcuffs on people who just coincidentally have dark hair, those people exposed to constant threat need to have some threat as for their inner self all the training would be useless. It sounds paradox but proved.

The pilots are locked in a 2 m2 box and the cabincrew is not willed to realize that the biggest threat is that 300 people are left alone for 45 minutes while the crew is in the kitchen. I have seen many airlines and more or less it is the same. The glass is always half empty for people in aviation this time and not half full. It would need a Steve Jobs in the air, to dare finally to stop all this vicious circle on both sides – passengers and crew. The purpose of flying is to enjoy that a human being can move from one point to another on this wonderful planet and enjoy a little wine and a nice food, and some of us need a little bit more care and attention because they simply are different. We need to think different to start saying : “Hey you beautiful flight attendant, stewardess, plane assistant, smile at me, because we fly above the clouds and it does not matter if I need a second sugar or not.” I love flying. It says that flying above the earth makes all the problems really small and this is why pilots become pilots, because the world looks like a big box of toys. 


  • Yes, it’s easy for people to become so distanced by facts and figures. I sometimes wonder how people can be so grumpy in aeroplanes, they’re currently flying thousands of feet in the air, it’s remarkable in itself.

    But people should never get complacent in business, the best advertising is getting people to see your product in a different way.

    Think Different was an amazing slogan that really summed that up.

    Owen Adams

    January 20, 2012

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