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Psychoanalysis of the desks, clean desks, messy desks, no paper desks, desks with rotten food, what does your desk look like? In several research it is proved that the desk mirrors the way you are, or at least the way you work, and the way you work is the way you are, somehow! ‘The Chinese say “show me your house and I show you how you are”, thanks to Facebook, once you start dating someone, you go to his page and analyse the posted pics, and then make a summary, discuss it with your girlfriends (like all the other hundred details) ¬†and decide if the man who has a steril living room with cheap paintings and is posing in front of his barbecue, if this is the man who will be someone you want to introduce to your community (meaning that by doing this you immagine putting a small piece of meat in to a pond of sharks)

Psychologist Donna Dawson has revealed that others can tell from your desk whether you are ambitious, hard-working, good in teams or calculating for personal benefit.

Based on the findings of a study commissioned by office services company Regus, Dawson has highlighted six desk personalities.

A business-like, organised desk, usually with few personal touches and dominated by technology, with every item in a fixed place, is usually home to someone who is good at the job, has little patience and does not tolerate fools. The person is not a team player and is best left to get on alone.

The organised-chaos desk, overflowing with papers, reveals a person who is overworked and unable to say no. They want to be liked, and are hard-working and efficient but will lose time trying to find things and worrying about how to get everything done.

The creative-chaos desk is also cluttered, but with piles, showing a lively and creative mind in someone who focuses on the work and has little time to socialise or even take breaks.

The personality-extension desk has lots of personal touches, such as postcards, epigrams and posters. The person is saying, “I am an individual, not a cog in the company machine.” This hard-working person is sociable but can quickly feel low and needs lots of praise and encouragement.

The show desktop projects a contrived power image, typically with little on the surface, to create an illusion of space and control. The person behind it will give little away, and may appear calculating, unemotional, and both intimidating and smooth.

Finally, the trophy desk is slightly messy and features things which show how the person is doing, professionally or socially. Trophies may include maps of work-related travel, stuffed toys with chic company logos, company awards and so on. There is a careless air to the desk, as if the person should be away planning big things. The person is probably friendly, ambitious and possibly bossy Рpotentially an excellent leader, but not too good on detail. (source

So my desk is the creative chaos mixed with a weekly attack of demessing it, and the promise to keep it clean.


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