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Sometimes when it is raining outside and when it is late in the evening, I open a bottle of wine and read all the pilot blogs. It is much better than watching TV, because one can learn a lot there.

Most of the pilots, or people who say that they are pilots, discuss what is good and bad. And it happens that even i am the target of their opinion. What i do wrong and how i look and most of all how everything would be better if it would be done different. Yes, this is true, playing football in front of TV makes all nations the real soccer stars, but once they are on the field the perspective changes.

Pilots are smart people, super smart and the job is tough. You have to be courageous, polite, honest and flexible. And the responsibility that your passengers put their lives in your hand is something that one has to cope with. The job changed over the years. Because flying became more common, but the job became more tough. Relocating is a necessity and experienced pilots, those who are older need to move. This is against human nature. Once you become older you need more structure and sometimes you find out that those things that are important in your life are having a family and a cozy home.

It is important to use in these moments when your priorities shift all abilities that one collected during his journeys in life to be ready to combine these facts. Mr. Sullenberger said in his interview shortly after he landed in the Hudson River that he used just one thing in the moment when he decided to decent – his RATIO. His brain was trained for year for just this moment and he was able to use it excluding all the maybes and ifs.

It is worth to have a closer look to the people who started their pilot career being 17 years old and going through all the changes and threats that aviation offered them.

It is worth to understand the responsibility and fear of people who need to be 98% perfect during every moment of their job.

And when it comes down to the person, what finally is left and who is interested in this part of the story?


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