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Divine Christine….

Yesterday I met Christine again. After 15 years. Well why after 15 years? We do not know, it was about moving, the children and everything together. But when I saw her, waving at me from the garden door, I could not even get out of the car fast enough to hug and kiss her. My dear friend Christine. What would I be without her? My children would starve and my marriage would be broken years before we kind of ended everything like adults do with the necessary respect and distance. She had this natural instinct of what is good and bad, and I admired her how she took everything life simply served her with a small ” Ok, what next”.

Christine is my heroine. She is funny, beautiful, practical and crazy. Even life punished her and we stood hand in hand on her husbands funeral, we baptised our children, standing side by side with the big hats and shared the strollers between her son Matthias and my son Gordon.  We saved vice versa the lives of our kids climbing up the roof of the house and listened to million of heartbreaking stories from each of us.

We were working mums, with all our worries and troubles of the children. She did not like everything I did, nor did I like everything she did, but we are friends. Friends forever, friends for lifetime. And yesterday after 15 years we were sitting in her house laughing and crying over what has happened in the past years. And it does not matter where we are and what we do and have, this friendship is endless. Friends are never judging they just listen and help and be happy for the other.

Christine, this is for you, you are for me the greatest woman on earth together with my late grandma.



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