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How do you  cope with change? What are you afraid of? Is it the uncertainty? Or simply the
move out of the comfortzone? Welcome to this world, the world of new things,
new impressions, the courage to try all you never though that you can manage.
The  challenge is to cope, or even strive.

It is the  fear that what we so hardly have  achieved will change, or maybe it is the
fear that it will be the same, so we should welcome the change as this is what
makes the new conditions.

Change is  luck, the ability to do something new, to go somewhere else and to dare to
expose yourself to the unknown  whichn makes us finally feel free. Those  who do not risk, are nothing, have nothing
and will never do something real.

The biggest  achievements in love, life and business are connected with taking big risks.
The higher the goal the bigger the risk. This wise sentence is from His
Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, and I am very honoured to call him a

It is never  too late for a change, never. We know when it is time to eat or to leave that
wonderful party (we do not always knowJ) and so we should  know when it is time for the next change.

Anaiis Nin  said it very clear :” if the pain of growing is less than the pain of staying
small – one has to move”

  • This is a great post, coming from a reader who has trouble with change.. Thank you!


    July 30, 2012

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