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CEPA EXPO in Prague next week

We are ready for the big show in Prague. More than 4 months 5 people were working on the organization of the 2012 CEPA EXPO. Myself i talked and mailed personally to for sure more than 1000 people. The good news is that no one ever doubted that this show will make a breakthrough and even many people cannot come, they dropped me a mail saying how much they appreciate our efforts.

Aviation needs a help. EU cannot do this for us all, we have to pave our way to the next decade and connect over the whole world. People in France, USA and everywhere in the world are interested and will be connected with us through our stream and we need every support.

David, Lubo, Petra, Bulat, Lada and many more, thank you for everything. It was very tough to get everything toghether especially after our new setup and technical tools we will use for the first time. We created our own messanger system called CEPPANGER to connect the auditorium and the panels and have all the comments seen which are posted by a special app for the smartphones.

Our nameless, countless helpers who believe in the project working for free. I do thank you all when we will open the 3rd CEPA EXPO which will be held in 2013 at the Prague Airport.

Welcome on board

Dagmar Grossmann

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