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Happy happy

Pure happiness
Pure happiness

Bond for a lifetime

lifetime-bond2 It was 1983 when I was studying chemistry and ran completely out of money. The local airline was recruiting  flight attendants – beautiful, nice manners, good education and all the other amenities that you can find in an ad where the supply curve is steeper than the demand curve.

I applied without expectations of getting the job. When I saw my competitors I was puzzled, I’ve never seen so many beautiful and arrogant Viennese women on one place in my lifetime.

The selection process was tough and the whole thing finished with 5 people selected out of 550. I got the job and couldn’t still believe it. Imagine, a thousand women working together, it’s like stepping into a snake pit full of cobras, really aggressive cobras. Or in a pool with hundreds of piranhas who did not eat for a month. The job was wonderful; it seemed to me like I have to pay to have this job. Stops in Mombasa, Larnaca and Maldives and the best shopping spots you could ever imagine. I loved that job. The money was great, so great that I stopped studying for a while and enjoyed having 200 pairs of shoes and 3 boyfriends at the same time, while planning all my trips and spending time with my friends. You will have only friends from your job, as in this age no one will cope with your lifestyle and you do not want to be bothered with the mediocre attitude that only slows you down. The women you are friends with are tall, beautiful and nasty, and they can choose everything, and I mean really everything. I adjusted pretty soon in this new life and I shared my boyfriends with 5 others and when I dated someone from outside of the community, meaning someone that has not been going out with one of my friends, 500 women checked on him and had an opinion. More…


Erotic intelligence

What is love? And how can we manage to stay our entire life in a happy and crazy relationship. When we walk down the aisle we believe the bad luck is just for the rest of the people, that we are unique blessed creatures who won’t be slowly dying in boredom as it happens with them.


A house, two children, a loving wife, a caring husband and all the elements to turn this into the perfect “and they lived happily ever after…” chapter; this is what we want to believe. But the truth is that there is a small thing in our prefrontal cortex that yells when we are sitting in front of our TV and makes you notice the similarity between you and your partner which frightens you to death, this is called desire. Ever heard about it? If not then you belong to the 5% of the population who can ignore it and become an old grumpy person who is typically known for hating their neighbors and hitting on doggies.



My Motto

"der einfachste Weg hinaus ist durch"

Dagmar Grossmann

One of my passions



Anima is the antidote to archetype. And according to Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst and friend of Sigmund Freud, there are five main archetypes in our life or in our dreams. I spent a weekend with my students and we discussed business psychology and C.G. Jung.

How interesting was the fact that he had weird dreams during his lifetime, he faced and kept a record of all of them in his diary. C.G. Jung went as well through all the metaphysical and spiritual channels he somehow coloured his visions with; some characters from the great asanas and the tarot decks. An archetype is a figment of your imagination but they reflect your inner character; there is the warrior, the mother earth, the lover, the magician, the feeder and the leader.

Moreover, all of C.G. Jung’s archetypes have a perfect form, that which you can only reach after working on your inner self: The decreased and the exaggerated form; for example, the warrior in exaggerated form is a tyrant, in the sublimated form is a coward.

I had a check-up to make myself more “aware” of my entire surroundings, including friends and people I recently interacted with, to put them in place according C.G. Jung’s colourful archetype theatre. Is it so? Or was this just the imagination of a gentleman who worked too much. One of his patients Mr. Pauli, a famous professor in physics was having trouble in getting proper sleep, so he consulted C.G. Jung to discuss with him the recurrent dream. A tiny Asian lady (bad, are those who think badly) was dancing in his dreams and danced and danced and stared at him without saying a single word. More…


Does it really matter?

What does really matter to you?   Your children, your husband?

Yes, that’s fine, but you, you, you?  What does really matter to YOU?  Is it money or your career? Or is it any of the life values – whether the ones you were born with or the ones that you developed during your adventure on this planet. Is it honesty or respect? In the end it does not matter what really matters to you as everything runs with the flow of your unconsciousness and you have no real influence over it unless you are aware of what you do not want.

Do you want to be famous, or is the fact that people love you more important? And in case you want to be loved, what are you doing for it? If you are born under a lucky star you get the full load of charisma. Once you enter the room everyone will stop eating in the restaurant and all will be wondering:

Who is this interesting person?”.
But I have to disappoint you -it is not that easy. Sooner or later you will have to make the decision anyway and endure the bumpy road of finding out what matters to you. A very good exercise for this would be watching the new film “Life of Pi”. It is a wonderful movie in which a young man is the sole survivor of a shipwreck. He escaped the sinking boat in a life boat in which (long story short) a tiger named Richard Parker defends his territory. The interesting part is that the boy (Anar) was growing up in a ZOO before his father decided to move all of his animals to Singapore in order to escape the late 40s recession in India.

The importance of this semantic part is that the father has been teaching Anar, who More…



The year started so far so good and my new post is ready soon, in the meantime I want to thank you for so many readers on my blog. I do appreciate it.




Over Christmas I had to stay in bed to recover from a little flu that knocked me off. Not being used to the placidity of the quiet life where nothing much moves around me and being confined to the bed for a whole day, I became creative. Since I hardly ever watch TV I took this opportunity to widen my horizons and I have tried to find some program that would get and keep my attention. However, if what I have seen really mirrors our society I do not want to be part of it.

I saw people pretending to meet their mothers after 35 years – emotions and tears were gushing from the screen and the camera was circling real close, catching every possible moment of the drama. The TV shows landscape of More…