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There are days and there are days. And those days when you start your day with a nightmare that the children oversleep school, even they do not live anymore in your house are rarely a good sign for a successful day. To defend the bad days one should admit, that the good days are great. Many people are phoning from whom you did not hear for ages and then the bank phones to ask if they can invite you for something (meaning you are totally indebted or wealthy) however then your project you think is stuck, gets a boost by someone via email and it moves on, and then you can succeed in the yogacobraposition for more than 2 minutes and the candlelightmedidation allows you to focus for long time without executing mentally all the bad wishes for people you simply spoken do not like (oh finally i can say it, …..)

Bad days are different, because as mentioned they start with a terrible thing and continue the entire day. Yesterday was such a day. I prepared myself for a wonderful day when a visit of 6 people knocked me off and the kitchen was a mess after their visit, totally unorganized I prepared myself for the evening, that should be a sensational event with the world best pianoplayer. The wonderful dress – the  jewellery – the hair (for goodness sake) the hair was – lets call it bad hair day…. too late for corrective action.

Ok today no glass of champagne, to have my nice make up not interferred with ridiculously blushing cheeks. While I walked the endless way from the dark parking to the eventhall the wind blew straight into my bad hair and made it even worse. As I tried to make an elegant move infront of a gentleman who greated me friendly but i did not remember his name, and i broke my heel.

Pretending I am alright I just walked to my seat realizing I lost one of my gloves, no problem at least i mark my way there, when moving back with my chair I heard a terrible noise, my chair cracked while everybody was already sitting and preparing for the next 2 hours of complete silence.

I was sitting like a little monkey and my breathinterval reduced to half because it goes without saying that the immagination that I will fall from my chair while the WFP (world most famous pianist) is playing can only be survived if you are unconcious after you fall.  I prayed that the TV cameras will not show a bad hair person sitting stressed on the edge of a chair. While saying to myself that this was the last day I ate anything I calmed myself down when I saw a man sitting in the row in front of me sitting in the same way like myself and when I checked his chair, his also had a crack. I finall ran out like the monster of notre dame and on my way to the car – 5 young but somehow strange guys asked me while I tried to limp  alone to my car if this my phone is an iphone.  Taking my entire courage together I respond, that yes, this is an iphone, and this is my iphone and it will stay    M  Y      iphone. Most probably they realized that today is no fun with me and they said – just a question.

ok, no problem it was just an answer. The answer is karma is a ……


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