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For some reason I met so many people recently whom I did not see for ages. And interesting was that they really all become older while I did not see this on me :-)

And while we exchanged that kind of boring joining (asking stupid questions to get connected again) many of them asked me how I am doing in the new world and that they missed me, at least they said so. You belong to the country you are born, that is always like that and it will  never change. The habitat is in your instinct and wherever you go, once you are ill or you have a broken heart or you want to share any joy, you want to go back to your roots – home. There where you know the secret of smoking your first cigarette behind the little house with your schoolmates and your first kiss. And while all places in the world seem excellent to stay for a while, the place you will feel safe is always where you have been growing up. And while I am driving through Vienna I see so many places with million scenes I remember.

I remember walking without shoes in the night in the streets when it was early morning still having the music and laughter in my ears and the smell of fresh bread and freshly brewed coffee let me remember some of the crazy things I had to go through being always so busy. My favourite story was connected with my huge darkblue SUV. This car transported thousands of children and served as a rolling home. It was a wonderful day mid of august, when I ran to a meeting and coming back -I again, like many times before ,  could not find my car key. A short look into my car and I knew that there is trouble. The key was shining from the seat. “If I call the car service – 4 hours, if I call my husband 3 hours and 5 weeks discussion, Ok one solution that is bad but I really had no choice – I take a stone and I will hit the window”. 

Did you ever try to smash a window? I tried 5 times, and every time the stone and my swinging hand bounced back leaving not even the slightest scratch on my window. My mind went crazy while I thought that there must be  any other way. How do people do it breaking into cars?  Driven by the pressure of time and the fact that no one should alarm police, while I tried to rob my own car,  I was thinking on  another solution.

We talk about the time when the mobile phones used to be a midsize suitcase placed in the middle of your car. So phone  and key were inside and my deal was waiting. I went with my summer dress and my high heels to borrow a hammer from the construction workers that I spotted nearby. “Excuse me” I said “Could I borrow your hammer”………………..The guy asked if he could help. “No” was my response “because I just have to get my key out of my car”.The fact that the poor man had a strong migrant background saved me and most probably him and gave me time to go on with  my endeavour.  It took me 2 swings and the window burst into million of little glass parts that were spread all over. I was happy because I could make it to my contract, and when I handed back the hammer, the  guys had eyes wide open and stirred at me while I said “I forgot my key”

My blue  SUV car had a spell, all of my friends knew that. There are cars and there are cars. The blue Voyager was such another one. A magic blue giant.

I am and was and will be always in a hurry, because I do minimum 4 things at the same time. Scientist call it Multitasking, people around me call it madness. I think they are sometimes right. Monday afternoon and after the 12th time not finding a parking my business partner was already impatiently walking up and down in front of the office entrance looking on his watch. When I did my 7th round I shout out of the window while I was passing that I will park on the sidewalk finishing the next round, leaving the emergency light on. This meeting was really important. At this time the business aviation was the stepchild of aviation and we had to run behind each and every deal. What is the same today with the difference that we can text easily truth and lies :-).  So I parked on the sidewalk of Brigittenauer Laende (4 lanes) right hand side. I slided down the seat and the gear of the Chrysler voyager was connected to the stirring wheel, so guessing I put it on PARK I slammed the door and was mentally already in my meeting. Everything went really fast.


………….running to the office building, I saw people waving and cars horning while I had a strange feeling that the traffic stopped completely, and when I turned backwards I saw my own car driving behind me. EMPTY. My attempts to open the door were useless as the automatic locker locked it after 10 m. My mind was twisting and I tried to hold back my empty car moving like a ghost, shouting to the woman with her dog in direct line of my moving car to get out of the way. I remember her jumping in the bush with her little dog flying through the air. My car crossed all 4 lanes  easily and I was still trying to hold it back while it slowly without control crashed against the pillar on the bridge, the only and really the only pillar that was there. Otherwise i would drive down the hill and end up in the Danube with me hold on the handle. Everything went so fast and i did not remove the key while the gear stayed on DRIVE, obviously. When the police arrived, my car was standing embracing the pillar but the wheels were still turning.

If you ever felt shameful, imagine this, that was for the strong nerves – you maybe do not know how it was when a crowd of people was gathering, laughing while taking pictures  and you have to wait for your husband to come with the 2nd key (do not ask me about his reaction) because the exercise with the hammer would for sure bring me to a place that we call in Vienna – GUGLHUPF.

Life is never boring


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