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Aviation and friends forever

What keeps us connected?

Yesterday I was at a fabulous party at a former colleagues house. A little bit of excitement was there before I entered the garden for the “pool party”.

And within seconds I felt back to the good times 20 years ago. So many people and so many really beautiful women. Meaning really beautiful and naturally beautiful. My friends and colleagues from Austrian Airlines. And within seconds we were connected again. All the stories and good fun sharing the stories of their and my lives and the funny way we all talk to each other. The level these women have to have copying with thousands of people in difficult situations.

All of them preserved their youth and I so much enjoyed to be there and I felt that whatever you do, wherever you meet after kissing and saying hello you feel like nothing has changed and the 20 years that you did not see each other were simply not existing.

I always knew that this job is special, and not matter what people criticize on it , the requirements are tough, one has to be maximal flexible and smart to come along shifting nights to days and showing confidence and trust even some moments are not that good in front of passengers. The cosmopolitan attitude and the fact that you have to team up within some minutes to cope with the people and situation that you are going to face in the next 8 hours on the flight combined with the fact that you must look appropriate let women be special.

When we made a photo of all of us, I felt really touched and finally all of us are really special. Hard work is normal for us and being creative and flexible even having families aside, organizing the life and being still moving instead of sitting in front of TV in the afternoon giving up and waiting to retire, means you are a special woman. What is new in New York and who is married to whom, and my god please do not miss to visit this restaurant but be careful not sitting at the left window. Stories of men and where is the best spa, what a level when you enjoy gossiping but still it is there the level and it will connect us forever. Some of them wrote books and others are doctors or lawyers or managers, but all of them started when aviation was on top. Service to Munich from Vienna in business class was hot meal and wine choice on a flight of 40 min. including takeoff and landing which reduces the service time to 15 minutes. I am sure some of them will smile when they think back how we did it. 35 seconds per passenger and the gentleman did not know which kind of wine to choose.

But we made it, and sometimes we stored the last plates and rushed to our seats when the plane was flairing 2 m above the runway putting the seatbelt around our exhausted waist. But always….always smiling because we knew that this is what passengers deserve.

When I saw them yesterday, beautiful, smart and experienced in everything they do I just wanted the evening will not end. And as a conclusion for myself I realized that without having the chance and the experience to work in this job I would most probably never ever find my way to have the spirit and courage I had when I made my way alone to new ventures.

cabin secured for take off  :-)

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