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Alliances, and will this happen finally?

Is this what we want? Or is this what will become after the downturn?  Are we ready for it? Is this London in the summer?   Prague in the autumn?

The world’s economy is at a turning point.  While the world’s biggest airlines have no other chance of survival but to merge, adapt or die, business aviation is still undecided what to do.   It is a very delicate point to even discuss merging partially with the competitor next door to you, because there is still this feeling of  where you will end up – in a weaker position – even though it is proven by economic specialists that it is not so.

It is widely accepted that four hands work better than two and according to Prof. Jennifer Aaker, a very experienced Marketing specialist from Stanford   if you want to be successful take a look at the  dragonfly.  Jennifer explains that her title The Dragonfly Effect  explores  the fact that this is the only insect which can fly in any direction when its four wings are working together.  In a nutshell it goes like this:

First Wing: Focus

Concentrate on a single clear outcome rather than “thinking big.”  Set a goal, break it into smaller sub-goals, decide how to measure success, and create a concrete, specific action plan you can revisit and use as a management guideline.

Second Wing: Grab Attention

Once you know what you want to do, you need to get your audience’s attention. Key tips: Be original, keep it simple, make it grounded, and use visual imagery.

Third Wing: Engage

To “tee up” your audience to take action, get them emotionally involved in your cause. To do this, you need to understand what engages people. And in these times social networking is important.

Fourth Wing: Take Action

Once you know what you want to accomplish and have engaged your audience, it’s time to get your audience to act in a way that makes your cause become its cause.

Pointing this into the business aviation context – Central Europe needs to work hand in hand with the West , and we need this thinking to get moving.  While the language might be different, the region and the professionalism in it  is equal.  In our regions ,actions speak for themselves.

The Expansion of business aviation group AELIS to Warsaw is proof that the market in the CEE promises good business. AELIS started operations in Slovakia and after seeing their business growth they decided to go deeper in the East. Looking at the Polish Economy in the next years they expect to grow above European level, with a GDP of around four percent per year – the highest in Europe.

Ljubljana-based GIO Aviation is also considering further fleet expansion, as its push for business into international markets gathers pace.  By the end of 2011 the company had begun to look for opportunities beyond Slovenia and had relocated aircraft to the Russian region, based in Kiev, Ukraine.

It has everything  except enough manpower to help personnel  to train, so it needs alliances, as China does.  By law any company investing into China must have a partner from China in order to start a business, and nobody disputes this, so central Europe needs at least to find the right partner to fulfill promises and shortcut the long periods of uncertainty and overcoming all obstacles.

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