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After Summer

Back with my beloved planes and my horses. Summer was and is exciting, long, hot, boring, partying, thinking and much more. Inviting friends and finding out who you are and finally who they are. Celebrating your birthday and not being ashamed of how old you are and meeting people and not judging what they do and what not. Just being surprised by the wonderful time you spend with them. Summer and in particular this summer is and was  realizing that there is much more to do than I thought and much less to do that I thought I should do. It was  thinking about love and friendship and mostly about what are the main values in ones life, my main values in life.

Which values do count? – For me one of the most important is honesty, no doubt. Without it there is no progress, nowhere and never. The luxury is to admit how important it is and the strengthis to step back if it is not existing between two people who would make a great combination. Honesty is the key and it brings all the good and bad things with it. Sometimes you simply cannot make friends when you are attacking the person opposite of you with a comment that is fired straight to his/her heart. But at the end it makes you predictable and yourself, saying the truth does make life so much easier. Immagine the many different storries you have to keep in mind. And then you mess it up and the whole story backfires while you search for other lies to not be entirely looking like a fool.

There is so much to see and to experience and so less time to do it. The secret is to make time for it and to delete all that unnecessary crab from your life. Well if this would be so easy, I know but at least we have to try. And I tried to do so much this summer and I really got back to enjoying the cup of coffee and the fresh bread in the morning and the smile from my sons and the honest talks to the people I love, nothing else counts.

Summer is honest feelings of being happy and returning to my beloved planes. That is it for me. 

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