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Archive for September, 2014


CEPA EXPO 2014: Developments in regulation, policy and practices affecting business aviation, what to expect?

Come to discuss the latest issues pertinent to business aviation operations with the industry leading figures.

panel 2 - regulations

Oldtimer Cars Transportation at CEPA EXPO 2014

CEPA EXPO participants can look forward the oldtimer ride. Our team has arranged a hotel transfer to and from the event´s dinner, which will be held at the neorenaissance Zofin Palace, by the original Czech production historic cars Praga from the years 1928-1935. Enjoy the oldtimer ride at CEPA EXPO 2014.




CEPA EXPO 2014: Bringing Business East – panel discussion

When will we see the turnaround after the six dark years since the 2008 financial crisis? CEPA EXPO will review the current market and the outcomes from the last year and look into whether the industry has moved forward or if there has been any significant change. The industry experts will also discuss how business aviation will be affected by latest political development in Russia/Ukraine or new opportunities for business growth in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.



Flight Departures CEE, August 2014

CEPA´s 19 members´ business aviation activity fell a further 15% YOY in August, considerably more than the overall European decline of 2,5% last month. The main reason for CEPA decline is YOY fall >1000 flights in Ukraine. (source: WINGX Advance, exclusively for CEPA)



CEPA EXPO Countdown

Only 63 days left till CEPA EXPO. And time is running. Don´t forget to ensure your place and sign up for Prague´s unique business aviation convention.




Business Aviation Flight Activity – Russia Focus

Business aviation flights from Russia to Europe have fallen 6% YTD, with an increasingly negative trend since March. Outbound flights to Western Europe have been little affected so far, apart from Switzerland. Flights to Ukraine and Turkey are well down.


source: WINGX Advance

Patronage of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic for CEPA EXPO Granted

We are honoured that CEPA EXPO has been officially awarded the patronage of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.




Leading Industry Figures to speak at CEPA EXPO


We are happy to announce the attendance of leading industry figures at CEPA EXPO 2014. Peter Bunce (GAMA), Doug Carr (NBAA), Kurt Edwards (IBAC) and Fabio Gamba (EBAA) will make key note speaches at this year´s convention.

Commenting on the attendance of these key figures, CEPA Chairman, Roger Whyte said “I am particularly delighted that, this year, delegates of CEPA EXPO will get to hear from the organisations that represent and develop business aviation and are instrumental in formulating policy and regulation across the globe. The importance of the Central and Eastern European region to the industry as a whole has been recognised. GAMA, NBAA, IBAC and EBAA all have an important role to play in supporting continuing growth here.” Mr Whyte added, “These distinguished gentleman have vast experience of involvement at every level and in every aspect of business aviation. Their contribution to the event will be enormous”.



CEPA EXPO newsletter is out with a snapshot of some recent events in the CEE and wider market. To see it click here:


Invitations to CEPA EXPO 2014

Mr. Roger Whyte, the Chairman of CEPA, invites you cordially to attend CEPA EPXO 2014:


In recent years business aviation has grown at a faster pace in Central and Eastern Europe than in most other parts of the world.

Rapid growth in the sector opens a whole spectrum of exciting opportunities. At the same time it presents us with a variety of challenges to be managed.

Economic, political and regulatory environments are in a constant state of change. By taking an active role at this early stage in the development of business aviation in the region, we can help shape and influence policy, regulation, investment decisions and infrastructure planning.

CEPA EXPO 2014 is a conference dedicated to dealing with the specific issues pertinent to business aviation, to owning and operating business aircraft, in Central and Eastern Europe. Its purpose is to create the platform that will enable, support and promote the safe, cost effective and unrestricted growth of business aviation in the countries in question. Business aviation will act as a tool for companies to generate more business, to create high paying skilled jobs, leading to higher employment and tax revenue to the benefit of the economy and the community at large. And let’s not forget the humanitarian aspects of business aviation. Deployment of business aircraft in emergencies saves lives! It is up to us to make sure that all aspects are fully understood by all constituents.

This year’s CEPA EXPO will be held at the magnificent Prague Castle where much history was made. The dates are November 19th & 20th. It is the ideal location to start making our own aviation history.

I hope to be able to count on your support and participation as we go forward on this journey of making history and building the future of business aviation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Prague Castle in November.
Tailwind and Happy Landings

Yours sincerely

Roger Whyte