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Registrations are now OPEN

Registrations for CEPA EXPO 2014 aviation convention are now open. Join the business aviation leaders and experts in panel discussions and learn about the latest market issues and innovations to consider the best way forward for aviation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Ensure your place by booking online registration as capacity at this special venue is limited.

Register here:





CEPA EXPO 2014 – Business Growth through Aviation

The objective of this year´s CEPA EXPO is to concentrate on promoting the safe and economic growth in Central and Eastern Europe. Come and gel involved, discuss your questions and actual topics with the industry leading experts and share their knowledge and experience during a highly focused programme.






CEPA EXPO is more than a convention. Next to a rich program, CEPA EXPO´s location in the very centre of Prague offers you a magical atmosphere you won´t find anywhere else. It is time to get acquainted. (Photos by: Marek Kijevský)

Sunset on the Charles Bridge


Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church


Lesser Town, Old Town Bridge Tower
Old Town Square, Týn Church
Petřín lookout tower, St. Nicholas Church
Týn Church
St. Vitus Cathedral
Under the Charles Bridge
First snow in Prague
Foggy Prague






The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want.
He makes me down to lie
In pastures green; He leadeth me
The quiet waters by.

My soul He doth restore again;
And me to walk doth make
Within the paths of righteousness,
Even for His own Name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk in death’s dark vale,
Yet will I fear no ill;
For Thou art with me; and Thy rod
And staff my comfort still.

My table Thou hast furnishèd
In presence of my foes;
My head Thou dost with oil anoint,
And my cup overflows.

Goodness and mercy all my life
Shall surely follow me;
And in God’s house forevermore
My dwelling place shall be.

Let me pay tribute to all the victims of the MH flight who lost their lives because of someone else. All the children and people full of hope and joy. All their relatives waiting for them in Kuala Lumpur or elsewhere. This is a dark moment for aviation. May all their souls rest in peace.

God bless them


Quote of the day, it made my day





THIS blog sometimes laments that air passengers get what they deserve. Or, more accurately, they get what they are prepared to pay for, which is usually as little as possible. It is the reason why Spirit Airlines, despite being far-and-away America’s most complained about airline, is also its most profitable. And why Ryanair, whose boss, Michael O’Leary, takes public pleasure in making its passengers’ lives miserable (“Anyone who looks like sleeping, we wake them up to sell them things”) is Europe’s second largest carrier. The more passengers prioritise the cost of a flight over service, the more the industry will give them what they want.


As yet airlines are not, to Mr O’Leary’s chagrin, allowed standing sections on their planes. So it should be of little surprise that Airbus has applied for a patent for the next-most bovine configuration: a “motorcycle saddle” for short-haul cabins.


Airbus’s patent says that traditional seats cannot be narrowed any further, or the pitch reduced much more, in order to accommodate extra passengers. Therefore, carriers will have to redesign the seats if they want to cram in more flyers. Its suggestion is a fold-down saddle, a small backrest and a couple of retractable armrests. Certainly no tray-tables, underseat storage or pockets to keep your sick bag in. This, it reckons, will allow airlines to wedge a third more people on to a plane—that’s an extra 63 passengers on one of Ryanair’s Boeing 737-800s. It would only be for flights lasting “a few hours” but judging by the pictures in the patent application (above), it doesn’t look like a fun ride.


The simple truth is that the distance between the front and the back of the plane is stretching by the month. Airbus has no plans to roll the seats out just yet, but it is telling that just as Etihad introduces “three-room residences” and butlers for its first-class passengers, the future for rest of us could be a bike saddle. Unless, that is, we are prepared to pay for a little bit of comfort. But we all know the answer to that.


Jul 16th 2014, 12:30 by B.R.


dg shelter


Lots of love





Get connected

CEPA EXPO brings together key players in the business aviation industry. Come and get involved, gain new contacts, maintain old ones, have a say in forming the image of the industry in the region, raise business awareness and strengthen your position.




YTD analysis of departures, June 2014

June´s 0,9% decline in business aviation activity in Europe completed a negative Q2 and means YTD activity is 0,4% lower than 2013.
Europe´s largest market for departures, France, was up YOY, as was the UK and Spain by substantial margins. Other smaller markets also increased activity, such as Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Greece. The most influential decline in activity in June came from Germany, 6.5% down YOY. Much of this was due to a fall in domestic flights. As expected, flights from Russia and Ukraine continued to fall heavily in June.

departures 2

Source: WINGX Advance, BAI June 2014


Departures across Europe, June 2014 YOY

With 67 311 business aviation flights in Europe in June, there is a seasonal leap of 9% on May, but 0,9% decline YOY.

departures June

Source: WINGX Advance, BAI June 2014


KKCG Filmfestival party Karlovy vary, July 2014


Petr Lunak, Director Structured Finance KKCG and myself at the beginning of the party