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Archive for June, 2013


Ultimate Jet party in Paris



S.O.S. Hotel


Are you a frequent traveler? How do you feel when you arrive in all these wonderful hotels around the world? What is your first impression?

I travel a lot, I think that I was born in a plane and most probably I will die in one. However, whenever I arrive at a hotel, I just see how well and firm they are at the check in. I love the German style. Receptionists have a short, precise, straightforward conversation and ready to go. China is a little bit difficult, maybe because of the language barriers, and the fact that the culture does not allow them to have a conflict, so they say yes, without understanding what it really means.

After the check-in process you step into the elevator, 3 bags in one hand and the suitcase, short of time, so there is no time to wait for help. You realize that the elevator is only working when you put the card into the foreseen opening. OK, bags down, such a pity I had them already set so wellwell in one hand and here we go.

Exiting the elevator I realize after a short phase of orientation that my room is across the ocean, about half a mile to walk, friendly people greet me on my way there. The carpet in the aisles is slowing us down with our suitcase and here comes the first real problem – why on earth do hotels put this carpets there? More…


Different Safety Instructions


Last month at EBACE.



Status Quo East.

Business aviation companies use the word ‘international’ to describe the clients they serve, the scope of their operation and the standards they espouse. Until recently, globally-minded companies followed a trend that nowadays – apart from large corporations – only a few small and mid-sized businesses seem to adopt: Outsourcing.


In an industry where personnel are accustomed to constant relocation, outsourcing is becoming a reality for aviation companies based in Europe and they should look East to find reliable partners.


At the Europe-Ukraine Forum that took place in May in Budapest, government officials from Central European nations (especially Ukraine) carried a clear message. Emphasizing their focus on human rights, media freedom, recent laws to optimize customs clearance and the centralization of the Large Taxpayers Office, they are making an effort to increase transparency and build trust concerning the opportunities they offer foreign investors. Ukraine, home of the Antonov 225, the largest Airplane in the world, clearly has the capacity to handle large projects competitively. According to International Monetary Fund estimates, Ukrainian annual income per capita in 2012 amounted to $2,991 (23,931 hryvnyas ). This is an amount equal to what an average hangar staff-worker earns in a month in Switzerland.


Does looking East begin to make sense?

Everyone seemed to be having a good time this year at EBACE, despite empty areas occupied in previous years by prosperous aviation More…