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Just Saying…………………………



So true………….



Therefor break all rules and go to the next meeting in Dolce & Gabbana SS13, and enjoy it to wear colours while all others come in black


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Marshmallow & Future

Looking into the future has always been something mankind wanted to do, even if that future was unsure. But we know that the behaviour of kids indicates how they will act as adults. Considering all this, how does character form and behaviour impact success in business and life?


The most important revelation is that how you are as child mirrors your later life and business success. The famous “Marshmallow-Test” showed that kids are best prepared if they learn patience and understand in the early stages of life that the choice is between quick and small rewards or long-term and doubled rewards. The fights of some of them over Marshmallows makes us smile, but it is really serious and proven – patience leads to success and this is an unfailing truth.

We can learn a lot from our children. The fact is that they act without restriction except for having all their basic needs satisfied – hunger, love, shelter and thirst. That’s all. Putting this experience into adult life and, especially business life, is more complicated. Because our decisions are influenced by all the underlying experiences we’ve had in the past and, not only the experiences, but the outcomes of these particular experiences, may make us act in contradiction to how perhaps we should. More…


Why is it so complicated when men and women are talking to each other…



Writers block

Somuch going on, so many things to write and discuss about.

Tried to change the profession for 5 minutes, but returned and decided to stay in my beloved job


Next blogs to be published soon..


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