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Your path crosses many expressions and one of them is AWE.

awe [C:] n (fear) crainte f; (respect) respect m, révérence f;
to strike someone with awe, (of person) imposer à quelqu’un, un respect mêlé de crainte; (of object, phenomenon) frapper quelqu’un, d’une terreur mystérieuse;
to be in awe of someone/something, (fear) craindre ou redouter quelqu’un,/quelque chose; (respect) avoir une crainte respectueuse de quelqu’un,/quelque chose;
to hold someone in awe, redouter quelqu’un,; I was in awe of the nuns, j’étais intimidé par les bonnes sœurs.

How creative is the publisher with the sentence: I was in awe of the nuns.

My mother tongue is German, good old Viennese German. To speak German is different from speaking Viennese, as the Viennese is a mixture of arrogant sounds and half spoken sentences with a special meaning of their own. Ask someone in Vienna for something he doesn’t desire and the answer will be: “Why not?” This means definitely no in an unspoken way.

In particular, the American culture has a problem to adjust to this, as the fast approach and shortened proximity is something that Viennese people do not stand and will immediately punish the soon-to-be-avoided person with utter ignorance, or even better by killing any joy. Vienna is not a funny city, it is beautiful but not funny, comments about the beauty will be overshadowed by the fact that everything is dark and bad, there is no reason to be happy, being from Vienna means that you are special and negative. No wonder why all these famous psychiatrists and most of all Sigmund Freud could really establish the Viennese School for this. Prague is different; it is the city of magic of miracles of everything that has to do with wonder.

The Viennese language is – if you understand it and you are able to communicate in it – very interesting and hasn’t changed for centuries. It differs in tone if you are rich or poor, if you are coming from the west or east -you simply can hear that – or if you are skilled, you are judged about it and immediately and then treated accordingly. More…


Good girls come to heaven…..