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Archive for February, 2013


My Motto

"der einfachste Weg hinaus ist durch"

Dagmar Grossmann

One of my passions



Anima is the antidote to archetype. And according to Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst and friend of Sigmund Freud, there are five main archetypes in our life or in our dreams. I spent a weekend with my students and we discussed business psychology and C.G. Jung.

How interesting was the fact that he had weird dreams during his lifetime, he faced and kept a record of all of them in his diary. C.G. Jung went as well through all the metaphysical and spiritual channels he somehow coloured his visions with; some characters from the great asanas and the tarot decks. An archetype is a figment of your imagination but they reflect your inner character; there is the warrior, the mother earth, the lover, the magician, the feeder and the leader.

Moreover, all of C.G. Jung’s archetypes have a perfect form, that which you can only reach after working on your inner self: The decreased and the exaggerated form; for example, the warrior in exaggerated form is a tyrant, in the sublimated form is a coward.

I had a check-up to make myself more “aware” of my entire surroundings, including friends and people I recently interacted with, to put them in place according C.G. Jung’s colourful archetype theatre. Is it so? Or was this just the imagination of a gentleman who worked too much. One of his patients Mr. Pauli, a famous professor in physics was having trouble in getting proper sleep, so he consulted C.G. Jung to discuss with him the recurrent dream. A tiny Asian lady (bad, are those who think badly) was dancing in his dreams and danced and danced and stared at him without saying a single word. More…