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Archive for January, 2013


Does it really matter?

What does really matter to you?   Your children, your husband?

Yes, that’s fine, but you, you, you?  What does really matter to YOU?  Is it money or your career? Or is it any of the life values – whether the ones you were born with or the ones that you developed during your adventure on this planet. Is it honesty or respect? In the end it does not matter what really matters to you as everything runs with the flow of your unconsciousness and you have no real influence over it unless you are aware of what you do not want.

Do you want to be famous, or is the fact that people love you more important? And in case you want to be loved, what are you doing for it? If you are born under a lucky star you get the full load of charisma. Once you enter the room everyone will stop eating in the restaurant and all will be wondering:

Who is this interesting person?”.
But I have to disappoint you -it is not that easy. Sooner or later you will have to make the decision anyway and endure the bumpy road of finding out what matters to you. A very good exercise for this would be watching the new film “Life of Pi”. It is a wonderful movie in which a young man is the sole survivor of a shipwreck. He escaped the sinking boat in a life boat in which (long story short) a tiger named Richard Parker defends his territory. The interesting part is that the boy (Anar) was growing up in a ZOO before his father decided to move all of his animals to Singapore in order to escape the late 40s recession in India.

The importance of this semantic part is that the father has been teaching Anar, who More…



The year started so far so good and my new post is ready soon, in the meantime I want to thank you for so many readers on my blog. I do appreciate it.




Over Christmas I had to stay in bed to recover from a little flu that knocked me off. Not being used to the placidity of the quiet life where nothing much moves around me and being confined to the bed for a whole day, I became creative. Since I hardly ever watch TV I took this opportunity to widen my horizons and I have tried to find some program that would get and keep my attention. However, if what I have seen really mirrors our society I do not want to be part of it.

I saw people pretending to meet their mothers after 35 years – emotions and tears were gushing from the screen and the camera was circling real close, catching every possible moment of the drama. The TV shows landscape of More…