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Archive for December, 2012



Merry Christmas to all of you. Lots of Love and Luck for the upcomming year. May life tell us new storries every day.



Aviation is an acronym for leadership, money and power. All those people in aviation move millions of dollars every day and they are responsible for really huge deals. We can say that they truly have power. They are ALPHAS. Alphas are people who are characterized by unbreakable eye contact and interrupting other people’s speech. They usually speak slowly and precisely, which only underlines the fact, that they are not at all disturbed by whatever happens beside or behind them.

Those who follow and please the alphas are BETAS. They are number 2. They always want to get to the apha’s chair, but the alpha does not allow it and keeps the beta at a distance. Betas are responsible, moderate and slightly sarcastic, when they comment on their constant torture by the alphas.

Then there is the Omega type: More…


The curse of being first

If we looked back in history, we would see that all new ventures had either encountered strong resistance or got their honours at a later stage – when many people followed after the hard years were over.

This is what the rules in life tell you – to follow when everyone follows and not to overexpose yourself to a venture that seems good, but is ahead of its time. If everyone thought the same it would mean we stand alone with our belief that here is the chance to create a market within our nation (EU); new, wealthy and keen to team up with the rest of the world in setting the tone for the business – and maybe even taking over parts of those areas within the EU which completely failed to show results in Business Aviation. More…