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Archive for October, 2012


The science of signals

Just shake your head and say yes.

It is a bad feeling, isn’t it? Your mind says yes and your body signals no. This happens when we do not react authentically. We say one thing but we mean the opposite and all that we learned during the centuries in which we become upright walking creatures should now be of no significant value.

Imagine the following scene. A man and a woman meet and they like each other a lot. But one of them, unconsciously, sends signs of unwillingness to accept the proposal of the other one to create a family and have children. By the way, for those of you who are smiling, this becomes clear during the first 40 seconds of the meeting. Our mind automatically starts screening the opposite person to see if the DNA material would make a strong and healthy heir. And based on the result the person unconsciously sends the appropriate signals. This game is sometimes performed even to confirm the ego, or to establish the value on the marriage market. These underlying signals are thousands years old.

Now, this is not a gender discussion, but because I do represent the lipstick and shoe lovers, I will most likely see this issue a little subjectively. These days 40 percent of the western world lives as singles and feel lonely on both sides. When you ask these singles what is on the top of their wish lists, big love ranks immediately after health and money. But the evolution did us no favor when women started to take over more and more agenda from men and started to send signals that they do not need men anymore (except for few things). In addition, these single parents raise children who will grow up with the pattern of sole-decider, who did not learn to compromise or take another opinion into account, and who are not missing the other part of the gender.

So painting a picture of the current situation and translating it into its original state it would look like this. Man and woman live in a cave. The man hunts and brings back the meat to feed his family. The woman makes fire and feeds the children, who will ensure the ongoing of the life from cradle to grave. These days the situation is a following. The woman makes fire and goes hunting as well. The man hunts and hunts under the pressure that he has to bring back more and better meat. But the woman learned how to hunt effectively and has a better network, so that her carnivores will let her know via signal where to find the deer. These signals show a confusion of role and the competition is constantly going on until the man will move to another cave. The woman will continue to hunt and will realize that doing all this workload alone is suboptimal. This perpetual mobile is what is happening right now.

And what is our perception about the influence that we radiate?

We’re not entirely deluded about ourselves. We have pretty unrestricted access, for instance, to what we like and believe; if you think you’re in favour of tighter regulation for emission trading or that you do not follow the guidelines for correct behaviour right now, who am I to argue? Even if you don’t know the mysterious, unconscious motives underlying what you like and do, you’re still the best source of information about your attitudes, beliefs, and preferences. And you send out information and manipulate this information for your optimal way to reach your target (whatever your target is depends on other stuff). Now and here it is about what we show, that makes the other person believe who we are. Communication is depending on a sender and also on what the other person is able to understand.

We often think others are aware of our anxiety or our darkest feelings, but research shows they’re actually poor judges of our emotions, intentions, and thoughts. Thomas Gilovich, a psychologist at Cornell, has found that numerous obstacles and psychological biases stand in the way of knowing how you’re seen by others. We overestimate the extent to which our internal states are detectable to others—a bias known as the “illusion of transparency.” We also overestimate the extent to which our behavior and appearance are noticed and evaluated by others—a bias known as the “spotlight effect.” And those theories, paired with the new gender confusion, are something that people must cope with, and try to get their lives in line. There is too much on stake to have space for another person beside you and no one on whose guidance you really can rely.

Talking to older and wiser people is the most important thing we can experience. No school can teach us what one generation can hand over to the next one just through gained experience. Wisdom gained from habits and rituals enables us to survive forever. It is the foundation of human being to rely on signs and signals to survive.

And if a man wants to go out with you the whole night, no matter what he is telling you, he sends a signal, that he checks your DNA. And if you end up realizing it and you start behaving accordingly to it, he may change his mind, as he feels trapped and leaves you in confusion. This is when both of you are hunting.

Lots of LOVE



The Unbearable Lightness of Being ‘East’

The Unbearable Lightness of Being  ‘East’.

‘Confirmation Bias’ is a tendency to gather information that confirms your prior beliefs, and to ignore information that contradicts them. As an example of how this affects decision making, imagine you are a senior manager listening to a project team pitching a new project. The team has talked to project engineers about feasibility, and they have run some marketing tests to measure consumer/buyer behavior. Their financial models indicate a very profitable product and everything seems tip top. Should you invest? Before you do, try to determine if the team has subconsciously favored the information in their hands or not.

If they were particularly enthusiastic about the project from the start, then it’s likely that they have gathered mostly favorable information and they have a positive predisposition. Is confirmation bias at work when we consider the future of aviation in Central and Eastern Europe?

Sometimes the entire world thinks that Central Europe (formerly known as Eastern Europe) has still to do their homework in aviation. Majority tends to keep this heuristic posture: banks, risk managers, clients, brokers… the list is endless.  It seems that Central Europe unfairly compete in the scale from 0-10 with an open end. But things have changed and keep changing.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being takes place mainly in the same place that CEPA is based – the promising city of Prague. The novel openly challenges Nietzche‘s concept of eternal recurrence (the idea that the universe and its events have already occurred and will recur infinite times) this is where we align with the feeling ‚nothing is permanent except change .

Change is important and inevitable in European aviation as well. If the market is to be united into one solid European aviation industry, as it should, it is time to give Central Europe an opportunity to show where it stands. And it stands in a very promising place. The Economist, Eurocontrol, and Mckinsey are just few in a long and growing list of believers and trustable sources to back up the notion that aviation market is thriving in the CEE region.


Each industry or market has several dimensions such as product, geography and time. To accurately predict the market the only reliable data to be considered is supply and demand. We should ignore the costs of making the market for now. And making the market is exactly what we do here with all our supporters in the CEPA region. Central Europe is the classic perfect place to build up the aviation for the next decades. Since it is part of the European Union it is inevitable that all legal and fiscal factors can be handled easier than anywhere else. That is clear advantage.

The good old economic rules tell us that we should give attention to making profits not to decrease the costs. But instead of heading this advice we let things like market demand and supply rule our businesses completely. We therefore focus only on buyers’ behavior, and this biased mindset often shifts the predicted forecasts astray.

“Eat and sit with people to understand who they are” means in this case that all these analysis will not replace the fact that it is important to dare going East and while being there creating the new aviation market. We are already far. The number of business jets and AOCs is steadily increasing. But we can do even better. Above all, we have to get equal and good conditions in financing and we must try to understand each other on the same level and then just go a do the business.

The most important thing to understand about the upcoming Central European market is that it is crucial to enlarge the possibilities and opportunities and take the long run forces into account. Short term high profits are just not the goal.


All the calculations show it can’t work. There’s only one thing to do: make it work.

 Pierre Georges Latécoère, early French aviation entrepreneur



Time heals everything, shows everything, does everything. Time is everything. It is the most important thing in our life beside health and food and love. But these three things too depend on time. Time can never be bought nor can it be got back.

Use your time wisely. Have a good time management. We live in the wrong time. What makes a joke a good joke – that’s right….timing.

I thought about this a lot.  And once all my business endeavors became successful, I looked back and had to admit to myself, that persistence over time was the key to success. I personally like people who are in charge of their time, who are punctual and who are able to control their time. I like them because I think that those people know instinctively what it is all about. Not being on time means either disrespect or being over ambitious. Or it can simply be a sign of manipulativeness. The person who is late just wants someone to wait for him/her to show his/her power or they just want to get more attention.

Your pain decreases with time. Whether it is the pain of losing your close relatives and friends, or the pain of lost love – time heals everything. That is what my late and beloved grandma used to say. Knowing this gives you hope and allows you to move on at difficult times. Aging makes you wiser and more mature. Those, who know how to live their lives judiciously, are happy about it. In aviation time is a very important factor. So it is in Polo, where you have to measure the speed of the horse with the speed of the swing. And while playing a violin precise timing is also of crucial importance in order to know, when it is your turn to start playing your part.

We live in a fast time. We have to answer 450 emails a day and we are constantly in a rush as we keep struggling to stay on top of all things. And thus, slowly but surely, many important things disappear from our lives. Our time kills manners. I would love to live 150 years ago. I imagine myself wrapped in tons of silk of beautiful colors with my hair combed out high and topped with a nice hat. I am walking in a small castle surrounded by my French bulldogs (Chou Chou, Minou, PouPou) and I am trying to enter the male world. I open the door to a salon in which all the guys conspire and talk about how to rule the business and me and my three dogs enter the room (translate this into the time now please). I would voice comments and propose solutions, not minding that nobody asked for my point of view. I would generally behave like a man – smoking a cigar and putting my little silk shoes on the table. And then one of the men would tell me, “We did not ask for your opinion”. Other guy would stand up to defend my honor. He would propose a duel in the morning allowing the first gentleman to choose the weapon. There would be many dead duel-partners in my business life if I would have asked for revenge every time my honor was not respected. By the way, even the duel depends on time.

Being a woman in any time is a wonderful thing. Giving and getting respect is the most important thing. Respect is taught to children very early, when they are still babies and parents show them how it works. And if you are lost in time, translation or anything else, being polite and having good manners rescues you always. Education is the second important factor, but without being polite, you would not even get the chance to show your education, because no one would like to be surrounded by and listen to a person with bad behavior. That makes me think of one of my recent business lunches. The gentleman left the table and the restaurant while I was paying the bill. Oh, how I would love to see him in a duel with one of the defenders of my honor. And the chosen weapon would be time – time for him to think about it.

Too bad – the timing in this case is wrong. But maybe the wrong timing is replaced by justice. Never forget: no matter how many problems you solve, solve the problem before the problems solves you.

Lots of love




I love my dog, he is a true friend. Every time I come home he is very excited. He does not care if I am late nor does he care if i am tired.

My little cute center of attention, who is loved by each member of the family….Gordon hugging Vaclav


Level 5

What do you really want to achieve in your life? Do you know it? And if you think you do – are you going for it, or do you wait for the next year, decade, or century to materialize your deepest wishes?

My journey, both physical and metaphysical, brought me to a lot of places and experiences and I understood that in the end it is all very simple.

There is a scale in life which ranks from 5 to 10 and if you are at ten, everything you should do or become is right there in front of you. You are the perfect individual created by yourself. Level 10 is the perfection. It means that whether it is the daily morning walk or visit to the casino once a week, you find the time to do it. In addition you are able to defend your wish, whatever it might be, against all that poisoners around you. You are in a place from where the daily problems can be solved easily because you finally dared to live the life you wanted.

But there is one huge obstacle – LEVEL 5. Level 5 is the tricky one – you are half way there and you look back at a tiring journey during which you pissed off a lot of people and friends, who were no true friends. You were able to defend against your family that you fell in love with someone else and even handled it like a lady or a gentleman, explaining that life is short and you simply do not want living a life of compromise. We wonder why other people always think they know what is best for us and in the end, when fear and depression is nagging on us and we keep struggling the whole time, those dudes will advise us no to take ourselves so seriously. So, the best approach is to accept that there really are no short cuts in life and that we have to plunge ourselves straight into the black tunnel of suffering in order to be free in our mind.

I personally reached Level 10 on 16th of February 2010 after one terrible experience, after which I realized that I have to get  away only alone and I promised to myself to live knowing that being on good terms with others is the key. I love people – some more and some less, but I try to enjoy all of them. I also tend to choose the ones for whom I can be an added value and who can enrich me in similar way. Forget all the games of who calls whom. Stop wondering what it means if someone does not talk to you. These things are too small to even start thinking about them. Forget all the anger – it is just not worth it. You will realize that, if you will look at it from bird’s eye view and if you will have enough self-reflection to be able to consider your part in the story. That part hurts, I know.

‘Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” 


At my work I deal with a lot of people. I can see their potential and I also see where approximately their Level 10 could be. And then, while working with them, I see how they reach Level 5.

Some of them stay there. The just love it and they are satisfied with a partial success. They are not willing to invest into the last part of the very difficult journey. And that is a pity. At Level 5 you only have half of what Level 10 is offering to you.
Do not be afraid of the journey, because at its end there are great things awaiting you. Try to remember what it was like, when you as a child could not wait for the door to open on Christmas day and to find the thing you were so much dreaming of right under the tree. With the journey to Level 10 it is the same.

With today’s blog I want to remind you of the fact that we can change and that we can achieve everything at anytime.
Because as a woman I still hope that………….PS Even believing to be on Level 10 I long for that horribly expensive shoes.To all my friends out there this is the message.God Bless You. D

 “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared”