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……………..or simply FEAR OF FLYING. I decided to dedicate this blog to a serious thema. Since on my last flight I was holding the hand of a very strong young handsome man from Miami to Amsterdam, I thought that it is worth it to analyse.

What is Aerophobia?

Aerophobia, or fear of flying, may be associated with numerous other phobias. Sometimes it appears on its own. The fear of flying is estimated to affect as many as 25% of people, although a full-blown phobia is significantly less common. Travel delays, common when flying at popular times, can make the fear of flying worse. Whether or not your fear of flying has developed into a phobia, it can have devastating effects on your quality of life.

Fear of Flying Symptoms

The symptoms of aerophobia are similar to those of any specific phobia. Physical symptoms of the fear of flying may include shaking, sweating, gastrointestinal distress, and heart palpitations. You may become flushed, disoriented, and unable to think clearly. People with a fear of flying may feel upset and irritable, and even lash out at friends, relatives, or airline personnel.

Some people with a fear of flying are reasonably comfortable at the airport, but begin to experience symptoms just before boarding the plane. Others have difficulty that begins as soon as they reach the airport. Anticipatory anxiety, in which you start experiencing the fear of flying long before a scheduled flight, is extremely common.

Causes of Aerophobia

Fear of flying that is not caused by medical concerns or other phobias may be caused by a range of factors. If you have ever experienced a traumatic flight or plane crash, aerophobia may occur. Even watching extensive news coverage of airline disasters can be enough to trigger a fear of flying. For example, much of the country developed at least a minimal fear of flying in the wake of the September 11 attacks.

If your parents suffered from a fear of flying, you may have internalized their trepidation. This is a particularly common cause of aerophobia in children, but affects many adults as well. You might pick up the fear of flying from another relative or friend, but parents seem to have the biggest influence on phobias.

Your aerophobia might also be rooted in an entirely different conflict. For example, a fear of flying that develops soon after a job promotion that requires travel could be caused by concerns about the job itself or its impact on your daily life. Likewise, children who must fly frequently to visit divorced parents sometimes develop aerophobia as a coping mechanism for the trauma of the divorce.

Overcoming Fear of Flying

There is just one single remedy and it is the only one that cures you forever – expose yourself to the fear and DO NOT AVOID FLYING, because the feeling that nothing happened will make you strong like a lion. ;-)) 



Psychoanalysis of the desks, clean desks, messy desks, no paper desks, desks with rotten food, what does your desk look like? In several research it is proved that the desk mirrors the way you are, or at least the way you work, and the way you work is the way you are, somehow! ‘The Chinese say “show me your house and I show you how you are”, thanks to Facebook, once you start dating someone, you go to his page and analyse the posted pics, and then make a summary, discuss it with your girlfriends (like all the other hundred details)  and decide if the man who has a steril living room with cheap paintings and is posing in front of his barbecue, if this is the man who will be someone you want to introduce to your community (meaning that by doing this you immagine putting a small piece of meat in to a pond of sharks)

Psychologist Donna Dawson has revealed that others can tell from your desk whether you are ambitious, hard-working, good in teams or calculating for personal benefit.

Based on the findings of a study commissioned by office services company Regus, Dawson has highlighted six desk personalities.

A business-like, organised desk, usually with few personal touches and dominated by technology, with every item in a fixed place, is usually home to someone who is good at the job, has little patience and does not tolerate fools. The person is not a team player and is best left to get on alone.

The organised-chaos desk, overflowing with papers, reveals a person who is overworked and unable to say no. They want to be liked, and are hard-working and efficient but will lose time trying to find things and worrying about how to get everything done.

The creative-chaos desk is also cluttered, but with piles, showing a lively and creative mind in someone who focuses on the work and has little time to socialise or even take breaks.

The personality-extension desk has lots of personal touches, such as postcards, epigrams and posters. The person is saying, “I am an individual, not a cog in the company machine.” This hard-working person is sociable but can quickly feel low and needs lots of praise and encouragement.

The show desktop projects a contrived power image, typically with little on the surface, to create an illusion of space and control. The person behind it will give little away, and may appear calculating, unemotional, and both intimidating and smooth.

Finally, the trophy desk is slightly messy and features things which show how the person is doing, professionally or socially. Trophies may include maps of work-related travel, stuffed toys with chic company logos, company awards and so on. There is a careless air to the desk, as if the person should be away planning big things. The person is probably friendly, ambitious and possibly bossy – potentially an excellent leader, but not too good on detail. (source

So my desk is the creative chaos mixed with a weekly attack of demessing it, and the promise to keep it clean.




In a study appropriately titled “Very Happy People,” researchers sought out the characteristics of the happiest 10 percent among us. Do they all live in warm climates? Are they all wealthy? Are they all physically fit? Turns out, there was one—and only one—characteristic that distinguished the happiest 10 percent from everybody else: the strength of their social relationships. My empirical study of well-being among 1,600 Harvard undergraduates found a similar result—social support was a far greater predictor of happiness than any other factor, more than GPA, family income, SAT scores, age, gender, or race. In fact, the correlation between social support and happiness was 0.7. This may not sound like a big number, but for researchers it’s huge—most psychology findings are considered significant when they hit 0.3.The point is, the more social support you have, the happier you are. And as we know, the happier you are, the more advantages you accrue in nearly every domain of life.

Second, doing what you do exceptionally well. Again, from The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor:

When 577 volunteers were encouraged to pick one of their signature strengths and use it in a new way each day for a week, they became significantly happier and less depressed than control groups. And these benefits lasted: Even after the experiment was over, their levels of happiness remained heightened a full months later. Studies have shown that the more you use your signature strengths in daily life, the happier you become.

What are your “signature strengths”? Go to Martin Seligman’s “Authentic Happiness” page, register, and take the Survey of Character Strengths. If that one’s too long, do the Brief Strengths Test.

Here are my top five strengths from the long survey:  by Will Wilkinson

Your Top Strength – Forgiveness and mercy

You forgive those who have done you wrong. You always give people a second chance. Your guiding principle is mercy and not revenge.

Your Second Strength – Love of learning

You love learning new things, whether in a class or on your own. You have always loved school, reading, and museums-anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity to learn.

Your Third Strength – Creativity, ingenuity, and originality

Thinking of new ways to do things is a crucial part of who you are. You are never content with doing something the conventional way if a better way is possible.

Your Fourth Strength – Appreciation of beauty and excellence

You notice and appreciate beauty, excellence, and/or skilled performance in all domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience.

Your Fifth Strength – Judgment, critical thinking, and open-mindedness

Thinking things through and examining them from all sides are important aspects of who you are. You do not jump to conclusions, and you rely only on solid evidence to make your decisions. You are able to change your mind.

source: Will Wilkinson, 20/4/12


Cultural Integration

Do you know what means *thank you* in suaheli? Or *Nice to meet you* in arabic? *No this soup is disgusting* in french (there is no disgusting soup in France :-))? Since I am travelling I try to be maximum able to communicate and not to harm the people in the specific country that I am travelling to. I greet and ask in the language of the country, and it takes me not so long because I am a very talkative person, if I like. Since I moved to my new world, I know how it is to be a foreigner. And I know how it feels, when you do not understand the conversation and you are the one that is the outlaw. The invitations are boring for you and the others because you are so different – really different. Dirty jokes about my private life as well as storries what I did on my last party when the dog did not stop barking ( the most beautiful big poodle named Gustavo) remain unfunny and you want to disappear with a helicopter from the scene.  

I learned my lection from this and I adjust myself to most of the situations I am in, private and business. Recently I was in Marocco. I do love Marocco as it reminds me when I lost my biggest fear – snakefear. About 2 years ago I decided to touch a cobra. Even the thought that I will really do it let my blood freeze the evening before and I woke up the next morning like I am in front of an exam and I am not prepared. The Snakeman assured me that the snake is hypnotized and I wanted to see its teeth, then I told him and her (the snake that if she, the snake does not bite then I will not faint) voila done and I felt like a hero.

As I do always stay in the Riads instead of the boring hotels,  this time I chose in the most beautiful Riad Flam (like Sheherazade) -I felt like I entered Paradise, but to get there you have to go through the dusty dark and not so safe Medina. As I hate when I have to say where and when I go – to be picked up or accompanied by the person I did not choose deliberatetly, I decided to use and wear the Abaya. The black Abaya with the vail covering your body, face and hair in black silk. It is and was an interesting experience, I must admit. You are always dressed perfectly and fast and if you cover your hair and face it really makes you feel safe, because there is nothing that is seen from you but you can see everything – and I felt safe with this. 

The touristbonus was gone for with my beauftiful Abaya as the motorbikes thought that I am used to the local  traffic and I jumped in the last second into one of these huge chillispicebags to safe my life. It was quiet challenging when my business called in and the man in the medina selling bread was shouting in a singing way to offer his goods. My gestic and movement to kindly ask him to be more quiet encouraged him to shout even louder. There are the limits for understanding and integration, one can learn the language and dress the local dresses but there is not such a lection for local habbits.

And while I walked through the Medina with my Abaya blowing in the wind, I felt like a real arabic princess, the real onces, who are heard before they are seen as their golden bracelets and earrings are singing in the wind. Walking with such a lohn dress makes you automatically walk carefully otherwise you would slip over your skirt ( this is the same when wearing a sari) and it looks female somehow better than jeans and sneakers. While carefully walking through motorbikes snakes local dentists sitting on the floor showing the pictures how the relief your pain, I thought on something that I remembered when  I worked for the airline and I was such a crazy young girl. We have been invited to a party in Bahrain. I thought, with my Abaya and the special paper we needed to identify ourselves in front of Religion Police, this will be a boring one. No drinks, no fun, no music, just this kind of visits when 10 people are sitting around a table silently. But when we opened the heavy door of a wonderful mansion in the center of Bahrain, it was rocking . And so it happened that we, some of my friends and myself , took off our Abayas and wore just bikinis and lipstick and we did the most crazy thing i remember  –  we jumped from the roof into the swimmingpool which we cooled with huge icecubes, again and again and again before we got back to our hotels in our Abayas covered body, hair and face and giggling about our secret having a breathtaking time. 

Life was never that much exciting before.


PS: Oh the end of the story with the barking dog,…….. I threw Gustafo his toy and he nearly jumped from the gallery of his elegant house in anticipation of the toy called Willie.


Alliances, and will this happen finally?

Is this what we want? Or is this what will become after the downturn?  Are we ready for it? Is this London in the summer?   Prague in the autumn?

The world’s economy is at a turning point.  While the world’s biggest airlines have no other chance of survival but to merge, adapt or die, business aviation is still undecided what to do.   It is a very delicate point to even discuss merging partially with the competitor next door to you, because there is still this feeling of  where you will end up – in a weaker position – even though it is proven by economic specialists that it is not so.

It is widely accepted that four hands work better than two and according to Prof. Jennifer Aaker, a very experienced Marketing specialist from Stanford   if you want to be successful take a look at the  dragonfly.  Jennifer explains that her title The Dragonfly Effect  explores  the fact that this is the only insect which can fly in any direction when its four wings are working together.  In a nutshell it goes like this:

First Wing: Focus

Concentrate on a single clear outcome rather than “thinking big.”  Set a goal, break it into smaller sub-goals, decide how to measure success, and create a concrete, specific action plan you can revisit and use as a management guideline.

Second Wing: Grab Attention

Once you know what you want to do, you need to get your audience’s attention. Key tips: Be original, keep it simple, make it grounded, and use visual imagery.

Third Wing: Engage

To “tee up” your audience to take action, get them emotionally involved in your cause. To do this, you need to understand what engages people. And in these times social networking is important.

Fourth Wing: Take Action

Once you know what you want to accomplish and have engaged your audience, it’s time to get your audience to act in a way that makes your cause become its cause.

Pointing this into the business aviation context – Central Europe needs to work hand in hand with the West , and we need this thinking to get moving.  While the language might be different, the region and the professionalism in it  is equal.  In our regions ,actions speak for themselves.

The Expansion of business aviation group AELIS to Warsaw is proof that the market in the CEE promises good business. AELIS started operations in Slovakia and after seeing their business growth they decided to go deeper in the East. Looking at the Polish Economy in the next years they expect to grow above European level, with a GDP of around four percent per year – the highest in Europe.

Ljubljana-based GIO Aviation is also considering further fleet expansion, as its push for business into international markets gathers pace.  By the end of 2011 the company had begun to look for opportunities beyond Slovenia and had relocated aircraft to the Russian region, based in Kiev, Ukraine.

It has everything  except enough manpower to help personnel  to train, so it needs alliances, as China does.  By law any company investing into China must have a partner from China in order to start a business, and nobody disputes this, so central Europe needs at least to find the right partner to fulfill promises and shortcut the long periods of uncertainty and overcoming all obstacles.



There are days and there are days. And those days when you start your day with a nightmare that the children oversleep school, even they do not live anymore in your house are rarely a good sign for a successful day. To defend the bad days one should admit, that the good days are great. Many people are phoning from whom you did not hear for ages and then the bank phones to ask if they can invite you for something (meaning you are totally indebted or wealthy) however then your project you think is stuck, gets a boost by someone via email and it moves on, and then you can succeed in the yogacobraposition for more than 2 minutes and the candlelightmedidation allows you to focus for long time without executing mentally all the bad wishes for people you simply spoken do not like (oh finally i can say it, …..)

Bad days are different, because as mentioned they start with a terrible thing and continue the entire day. Yesterday was such a day. I prepared myself for a wonderful day when a visit of 6 people knocked me off and the kitchen was a mess after their visit, totally unorganized I prepared myself for the evening, that should be a sensational event with the world best pianoplayer. The wonderful dress – the  jewellery – the hair (for goodness sake) the hair was – lets call it bad hair day…. too late for corrective action.

Ok today no glass of champagne, to have my nice make up not interferred with ridiculously blushing cheeks. While I walked the endless way from the dark parking to the eventhall the wind blew straight into my bad hair and made it even worse. As I tried to make an elegant move infront of a gentleman who greated me friendly but i did not remember his name, and i broke my heel.

Pretending I am alright I just walked to my seat realizing I lost one of my gloves, no problem at least i mark my way there, when moving back with my chair I heard a terrible noise, my chair cracked while everybody was already sitting and preparing for the next 2 hours of complete silence.

I was sitting like a little monkey and my breathinterval reduced to half because it goes without saying that the immagination that I will fall from my chair while the WFP (world most famous pianist) is playing can only be survived if you are unconcious after you fall.  I prayed that the TV cameras will not show a bad hair person sitting stressed on the edge of a chair. While saying to myself that this was the last day I ate anything I calmed myself down when I saw a man sitting in the row in front of me sitting in the same way like myself and when I checked his chair, his also had a crack. I finall ran out like the monster of notre dame and on my way to the car – 5 young but somehow strange guys asked me while I tried to limp  alone to my car if this my phone is an iphone.  Taking my entire courage together I respond, that yes, this is an iphone, and this is my iphone and it will stay    M  Y      iphone. Most probably they realized that today is no fun with me and they said – just a question.

ok, no problem it was just an answer. The answer is karma is a ……