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2012 and then……

…………………………….open the champagne+++call your mother+++delete the numbers of your previous lovers+++make a careerplan+++make a dietplan and add a wishboard to your office+++make a list of the people you need+++make a list of the people you love+++follow your dreams+++call the man you love first+++forget pride+++save your money+++say finally    n o    to things+++rethink your position+++do not believe the yellow press about yourself+++disregard nasty comments and bad pictures+++buy a plane for someone+++and another one and feel happy with him+++act selflessly+++do not be jealous+++close your eyes and hold your breath+++smash a great deal+++love what you have+++plant a tree+++teach your dog to say good by making a sad face+++make something crazy+++light a candle+++trust in god+++believe in luck+++and justice+++come home early morning and cook spaghetti+++dance like crazy+++spend a lot of money for a handbag you do not need+++be a dramaqueen+++cook for the homeless+++tell your mother that you love her+++tell your children that you love them+++tell your businesspartner that you admire him and respect him and you like him+++say no, and no and no and no+++believe in yourself+++make plans for your life+++believe in love+++believe in getting married+++believe in romance+++forgive your enemies+++feel sorry for them+++never ever underestimate the power of love+++believe in your power+++open a bottle of champagne for your success+++another bottle for your luck+++a third bottle for your love+++read the hundreds of christmas sms that were really touching+++use the knowledge+++use your wisdom+++be aware what you achieved+++never be afraid+++understand that not everything you want is good for you+++listening to the birds when you come home after dancing in the early morning+++feel happy about your life+++be happy for what happened to you and what you were able to manage and achieve+++tip a begger+++feed a strangers dog+++believe in love+++trust that the person you love is the only one in your entire life+++believe in your endless energy and power+++everything will end in good+++sleep till afternoon+++take a nap after lunch+++buy a lunch for a stranger+++tell a stranger your secret and disappear+++have always compassion+++think if you give enough+++if you gave enough+++pretend you are not here+++lie when asked about your age+++and about your profession, say actress+++wear skirts that are too short+++travel without knowing where+++tell your friends that you love them+++tell the guy who loves you that you are precious and bug off+++use your time smartly+++are sure that you deserve everything+++believe that the man you love is the best on the planet+++let people fight for you+++forget all the cowards+++feel sorry for the undecisif and forget them+++believe in your skills+++do not feel sorry for who you are+++you should tell your father that you love him+++never forgive your exhusband+++lean back and enjoy+++understand that there is nothing you missed+++believe and hope that there is still everything you can have+++love the life+++enjoy your work+++forgive your oponents+++know that you are better+++appreciate the wisdom of life gained by age+++do not want to look like 25+++but like 26+++believe that you are special+++love the love+++be sure that nobody can destroy love and friendship+++try to eat caviar even you hate it+++do not listen to poisoning gossip+++help when and whom you can+++forget what is not important+++drink too much and go to bed with your cocktaildress+++thank god for your intuition and luck+++believe in your endless luck+++believe in health+++still love your friends who are not with you+++do not belong to groups you do not like+++be a better housewife+++admit that you are a great cook+++be not afraid of the truth+++always feel when is the right moment+++remeber that vienna is different but it is your home+++remember that prague is your new home+++appreciate the flowers sent to you+++be yourself+++be happy and thankful about that+++await 2012 impatiently……………….


Time goes by so quickly

Today is like yesterday. Christmas with my beloved ones. In the morning I had to sort out a flight, it is nothing special, I am used to it. Then i try to cook the food. I know that my children will critizise it, because they like to have a mum that is more a normal mum ( we discussed this already in the blog – How does good look like, thx) and I like to have the good children, that are nice, and willed to open the opera ball, kiss hand and just are the smart and good boys. But they are my teachers, this is the real truth.

They grew up and they are men, and they are my best advisers. Many times I look back and must admit, that whatever these 2 young men said was right. What a luxury it is to have two advisers who just want to have your best. No jealousy just honest opinion, no matter how bad it is.

When they were small, they got hundreds of planes out of chocolate and a soap and some planes to play etc. The only thing I remember when we asked them how they like it was “No, no, no, no!” How embarassing it was for the people that brought the gifts. Today I know that the fact that they knew each plane by YOM and name and that they could better explain the barrel of oil than the mulitiplication was a result that they were aviationkids. For them flying a private plane was a shame ” Please mum, why can we not go with the big ones over there” ….children, I know.

They made me crazy and today they are young men and they have their lives and they still are linked to aviation without being involved. We did not have it easy. All that Au-pairs, from Sweden and Australia and Nepal. The nepalese one was a good one. One day I came home from one of these aviationconferences. It was early morning and in my kitchen there was a wonderful potatoe salad that even talked to me “eat me” . It did  not even let me take off my shoes when I just was tempted to take  the biggest spoon of potatoesalad, that one can immagine. The moment I swalloed I felt that an incredible fire was going upwards from stomach to my brain, an incredible heat and pain, that did not allow me to think. AMBULANCE please, call 144, thx.  With my last power and without breath I crawled to the sink and the tub, where i drank liters of water to heal my burned throat. I am poisoned by the nepalese Au pair. Gracious God, what an end is that, I said to myself, maybe the children cut her hair or tied her on the chair. I did not know the only thing I wanted to know is if I will survive. I felt asleep on the kitchenfloor with the spoon in my hand, when Reema, the nepalese Au pair woke me up with a proud smile and a big grin of victory saying “I am honoured and glad that you liked my nepal chili potatoe salad, we use that chili to burn the torch and keep the cattle away from escaping”

Reema, you are great, what would I be without you. Mum thank you for listening to me all that years with my crab. And my kids, thank you that you are my kids and I survived being your mum, and that after 25 years we can take a picture where 3 generations are kissing.

Merry Christmas




What does it mean to be famous?

In aviation you work with people behind the scene who want to be famous for any price, remember Andy Warhol who created the “15 min being famous for everybody”. And then you work with those who are known and want to be hidden.

What is your part in this funny game? What is famous? Is it when you are walking through the city with your boyfriend and a guy is taking a picture of yourself with him, and you are  afraid that the news will publish an innocent person who is even younger than you or at least looks younger than yourself, what your nasty girlfriends say :-) ?

Does it mean that you put on make-up when you take out your garbage? I am a person living in a bubble, in a new world without speaking the language properly, doing a work that is interesting and seems new and challenging for lots of people. Sometimes you find out that you are not the person that people and the newspapers think you are. Not really. I am who I am, and who I was and who I will be long time ahead when time is just passsing by and everything will be new and different and definitely better :-))

Can I trust to the people around myself? No, and yes, but to which extend? What does it cost me to keep the secrets that we have and not reading them tomorrow in the news covered with the dirty mud of the tabloidindustry when it comes to increasing their popularity.

In our business this is the day to day fight. Confidence, trust built up with clients and their privacy. In that fight your privacy is suddenly on stake too.

I am a shy person, really, privat and businesswise. And shy does not mean busy or ambitious. I like to have things transported but they stop in front of my door. I am not good in social gatherings and small talk and I am very bad in making photohomestorries. I am just saying “how do you do” and then dissapearing to the background where i feel better and where i can do my work that is not exposed to the frontline. The frontline is not for me, but sometimes the frontline is necessary. Many people I know are much better to be constantly in the frontline without going to the backoffice ever.

Does exposure to public have something to do with trust?

Trust is strong, and once you break it it will never come back, it belongs to the 5 strongest values in life.

Can I trust.

No I peronally cannot really, unfortunately. That is the bad news, because when it comes to being exposed everybody wants to get a piece of the cake . Prince the Polo, hello, let us put beside him pretending we are friends – but this is not my style. My style is to be the one in the back, even it is important to be going out sometimes. My way is to be the one in the background, pulling the threads after and before the big deal is done, i LIKE to go out WITHOUT makeup and have long and deep disussions, I like to be with my people , staying the observer, but the business requires me to be in the frontline sometimes and the amount of makeup and photos that I did is enough for my next 3 lives. The public is just cruel and the opinion is made very fast with  every little wrinkle  recognised and discussed.

But this is not my place if I can choose. Recently I read a report in the austrian newspaper “Kurier” about the lifevalues of the new generation now 16-32 years. Money, Popularity and Power were the most important things for them. Poverty, illness they count to the extend of 80% as a personal weakness and that group thinks that you can avoid it by being powerful. The new generation does not want to see people helpless and they fight on their own. Solodancer, that is what I call them, and they are very difficult to be integrated into many jobs. Lonely wolves, with no feelings for others. How can someone have compassion and empathy for passengers when it counts only how many flighthours the specific person has?  Popularity helps to overcome the weakness. It is the intheritage of the parentgeneration with their deep wish to be known and seen transported to their children and multiplied.

The phenomen is seen when mostly young women describe their dreamjobs as MARKETING. Being asked what in their opinion is marketing you can hear again the 15 minutes rule. In an industry where money is around to that extend like in aviation most important are the realisation of the real life values. And it is not easy to find out your values. But you immediately know what are not your values when somebody is threatening them. This you can test for sure. One of my most important values in life is reliability and privacy and i fight for it like i fight for my children and I fight for aviation to survive as much as I can with the help of my people, friends and team.

Whom do I call educated? First, those who manage well the circumstances they encounter day by day. Next, those who are decent and honorable in their intercourse with all men, bearing easily and good naturedly what is offensive in others and being as agreeable and reasonable to their associates as is humanly possible to be… those who hold their pleasures always under control and are not ultimately overcome by their misfortunes… those who are not spoiled by their successes, who do not desert their true selves but hold their ground steadfastly as wise and sober — minded men. 

Merry Christmas



CHRISTMAS PARTIES – ours and others

The good old christmas party of your company somewhere out there in anyplace of the country, world, planet. Everybody is afraid and bored and nobody knows how to find a way out from this awful obligation. The boss is offering cheap food and  with the increasing intensity of alcoholconsumption the barrier is diminishing and the people forget that they see each other for the next 5 years every day. I personally avoid these kind of social gathering, as I avoid most of the social gatherings that I do not like, such as very cheap or middle cheap events. The luxury of my life is that I decide what is style for me and if I go somewhere and give my attention and humour to those people to whom I really want to go. Nobody really likes to go to such company christmasparties, as it seems that this is just a coffeebreak with better food in different dresses and the boss tries to be more friendly while the employees have the courage to tell him their opinion after drinking and  he believes that this was the last time and pretends that he promised to be home by midnight.

The christmas parties in my company are different. Because  w e   are all different there. Even if the work is tough there is so much difference in what we do, because it is how we do it. My people are great. There openminded way of expressing their opinion, their ideas and the way we have harmony in our very stressful office, let people after many years regret that they left. It is true, the special feeling of this office is unique. Recently I had to stay on a long meeting in an office of a big company dealing with steel, the company is well situated and everything should be ok. But it was not the same. Once I open the door of our office and I see the people passing by and there is just a great feeling – I know that I belong there. Every year we do a special day to celebrate our Christmasparty. We celebrate that we had 365 days of fun, stress, apologying for things we did not do, coping with each other speaking not the same language, finding a solution and learning one from another. Most important is that we learned to face conflicts without being personal and we understand that a thing that is important has to be done no matter what. I never ever immagined that I would work in such a team, being able to move things forward like we do.

We celebrate all our birthdays and we discuss when things went wrong. We try to understand and accept the mistakes and we say sorry when we are late. Once a year we take the eveningdresses and use the jewelery to have our Christmasparty. We are together and we forget all the things that were in this year – we have a champagne and we are sure that the success of each of us is something that nobody can take away. That is the biggest achievement that one can have in his entire life, because it is the base of all future success. Thank you all – you are great, wonderful, awsome and I am so proud of you all, merry christmas




If you are a control person, then you want to know everything now, you want to control everything and everybody everywhere and you want your car to stop whenever you break. This is going to be more complicated once you are in a boat, try to break or try to turn sharp left. And the top is once you fly an aircraft.

I have no pilotlicense.

For many decades I refused all birthdaypresents and offers from whomever to get my license. To be semieducated is enough for me, and of course horrible for the others. Semieducated people are awful. I am a semieducated lawyer and a semieducated medical doctor. My REAL lawyer will cry out now, when she reads the story that still kills her, when I was waiting in the waiting room of a notary after a person with strong migrant background was snobbed down by a secretary because he had no rental contract for notarified signature. Completely desperate as he was he turned to me and asked for some translation, and I, wrote the entire contract, till today he is living in his flat, without any problems. My lawyer said this would bring me 2 years in jail.

But flying is not so mine. I like to run the business, but flying itself is the job for those who cannot live without it. PILOTAS. The maximum I did was holding the governal in a small prop airplane on my honeymoon, while my husband was making pictures from the uninteresting landscape and I was glad he took over immediately, otherwise all the people on the beach of Miami would dive into the sand because of my touch and go on SOBE (South Beach). Once I could not escape and instead of sitting in the back of the simulator and knowing everything better, some of the pilots managed to put me on the left seat. I took off successfully, speed is what I know and like, but then the problem was that I was not able to keep the plane stable till he told me that I should watch the Screen and that these “2 chinese sticks” must be in one line. I pretend that I am not here and crashed the airplane successfully with a small Halo and big allure saying that I just did it on purpose, what nobody believed me. Voila. Chinese sticks, this was the end of my honour.

Better is Chinese Bamboo, the metaphor of Paolo Coelho in his newest book “Aleph”, which is the story of my personal life, so far, except  that it did not happen in the Transsibiric Railway, mine happened in a normal European city. Chinese Bamboo does something really interesting. I strengthens its roots for 5 years till it shoots out of the earth and grows with an incredible speed. Chinese Bamboo is applicable for everything in life and business. In revanche and love. Strenghten your base and then expand and rely on your strong base to which you should return after victory or war. Because of my personal Bamboo I survived the Chinese sticks – in pink colour – and I survived to be not a pilot, I am a semieducated pilot with a future license for a helicopter. As the helicopter mirrors my personality much more than any airplane does. Vertical take off and diametral movements while flying over dangerous territory with just one rotor.

From the Warrior of light, Paolo Coelho about Patience

A Warrior of Light needs patience and speed at the same time.

The two biggest mistakes of a strategy are
to act prematurely
to let the opportunity pass by.

To avoid making these mistakes, the warrior copes with each situation as if it were unique, and applies no formulas, prescriptions or the opinions of others.




Posing at the photowall after a long and workintense period. CEPA EXPO was a huge success and we are looking forward to the next year with many more people and exhibitors. Thank you all.


CEPA Expo 2011

This is how is going so far

Jiri Matousek - CEPA, Dagmar Grossmann - Grossmann Jet service, Fabio Gamba EBAA
Jiri Matousek - CEPA, Dagmar Grossmann - Grossmann Jet service, Fabio Gamba EBAA