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Who is better – men or women. Does it have any impact in the cockpit if you are male or female. Several studies on this matter I was going through. NASA did it and some dutch universities did it, a study about the communication in the cockpit. The rumour says – men are more tough while women are just complicated and they communicate like just in life – that everyone should guess what they mean.

The truth is, and we did a lot of studies during our book: THE RESULT IS THE SAME – men and women do come to the same result in cockpit and they do it also within the same time, BUT it is true that they find different ways to reach their goal. Men are streight, like “GEAR DOWN” while women say “PLEASE GEAR DOWN IF POSSIBLE”, the way off communication consists of more conjunctives such as “would” “could” etc. but women are like in life aware of the execution of their commands and god knows what happens if you do not follow. Never forget that it is proved that all the emergency calls from the cockpit such as “TERRAIN” are spoken by a female voice, because the higher frequency and the way women are telling and commanding it is like cutting through the air.

Female pilots have more to prove that they are good, as 75% of their male colleagues believe that women have less skills in the cockpit, and asking the passenger after cockpitannouncement from a female captain how they liked it and who was speaking – nearly 90 % of the passengers believe that the flightattendant made an announcement.

The uniform of the female captains consist of trousers and jacket, why not a sexy skirt pls, where is the difference.

Then the women behave like men, or at least they are tempted to behave like men. Writing our book showed that the female pilots showed much more obstacles on their way to the left seat of the cockpit and that they have less intention to make charming approaches with male cabincrew :-)

I personally admire the female pilots especially when they stay women and even if they are real guys such as Radka Machova who flies with the flying bulls and is a real acrobat specialist, it does not mean that she behaves like a men, not at all, she does not need to do this, she can be a clever and real girl. She is a great woman with a sense of humour and seeing her you would not believe that she is the best acrobatic pilot within her league.

As you make 80% of your judgment over a person within the first 40 seconds, I would like to see all the thinkings that goes through peoples mind when a nicely dressed smiling woman is asked what she is working and she lets them guess “kindergartenteacher”, no , wrong, then “shopassistant” no, also not right……………………acrobatic pilot, …………………wow, pls provide me with a camera, for their faces,  therefor it is very important to make points in the cocktailsociety especially in my old world, where i am more often now, when you are asked what are you doing, I say :” I am a blogger and artist and hopeless romantic”. :-)



Here is one I like

“You can’t just beat a team, you have to leave a lasting impression in their minds so they never want to see you again”
Mia Hamm Quotes

and here another one

Every man in the world is better than someone else and not as good someone else.”
William Saroyan Quotes

and finally this

“If you make every game a life and death proposition, you’re going to have problems. For one thing, you’ll be dead a lot.”
Dean Smith Quotes

and it is my favorite.

Times are hard. We know. And competition is a question of style. Sometimes people think that they have style because they read it in cheap newspapers or TV shows and they copy something that other people learned by heart in a script. And then the worst is EGO paired with no self-reflection, as this will lead to the final disaster. My message is THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS IN LIFE, unfortunately, we all have to do the same experiences and mistakes and finally marketing is important but a company that just believes its uniqueness by blowing up a bubble will soon be disarmed. The struggle for the market positions is a part of the mathematics in life, there is no way to shorten it, not with charming approach nor with toughness nor with stupid actions it simply DOES not work. The way to hell is paved with so far good intentions, the only thing that counts is results over time, that is the bad news, but ok.

How is competition in detail?

Men against Men

That is the easy part, ok, weapons on the table and then the territory and the virtual hunt starts. Men realize very fast when they are not winning, and then depending on their character they change the them or the give in by alleging with the contrahent. Clapping on his shoulder and just proposing the drink. This goes back to the Precambrium when the strongest was not to be beaten and had to be accepted and in order to survive you have to subordinate yourself.

Men against women

This is more interesting as it depends on the situation but basically we assume that they are on the same level, at least for the moment. The man wants to win, of course his testosterone does not allow to deal with me, opening him the door and taking his coat (pls remember one of my previous blogs, I am the perfect guy…… cannot imagine the reaction of the men that wanted to rescue me :-), so far so good, then the situation gets out of track and the woman looses interest or control, or both. This part I feel sorry for, helplessness and tears………………………..the man, superman, he will help, attention guys this is a game, the woman can cry on command and will do it to gain time and finally win. So always watch the next moments. Help is not loosing the deal. Women are nasty they will just use everything till the final target comes closer then they will lock the toilet door search all your addresses copy them on their usb stick check your emails and finally let you out of your toilet without that you realized what was going on. And guess what the man is very surprised why the woman is in the toilet feels honored and did not realize what happened, I am serious, and this happened even without Aromatic Elixir perfume.

The evening starts to be nice and cozy when the woman ( having all she wanted) will say…..”I have to leave” and never ever respond to your phone call again.

Women against Women

Here comes the hard one, because this is war, blood, apocalypse. And it goes via Hairdresser, perfume, sexy outfit, men to be grabbed and all the tricks that are in the box. “Hello how are you, I did not recognize you” (meaning you look horrible and old) while the other one hits back “You here, I thought it is for managers”……..the guys are without any glue what will happen in the next hours and again the fight between two women is the absolute disaster and no one can ever stop it till the 2 protagonists will decide that it is over, but in this constellation there is no loser, there is a winner and a dead.

Over the years the truth is that I am very good in these kind of fights as I learned to simply do not take every little plant on the field serious, and even this is the price of age it is very helpful because according to the life math it is again so that those who have a brain, a real brain and not an artificial one or one that is in the local newspaper under advices from Radka, will focus on performance and not waste the time. Because competition is to gain business and not to gain ego points because that is tricky as people get annoyed very fast by empty shells where as the real hardworking ones with results have all the doors open and will not ever try to make life shortcuts that by prove do not work.

Competition for me is important as it forces you to move on and I was married to my competitor and this made me trained every day, like Cato in Inspector Clouseau.



Equus, the horse. The magic, giant animal. What does it have to do with business. Well sometimes it is a simple tool to overcome the adolescence of your children helping them to stay away from this wonderful spooky bars and locations where terrible people smoke and drink, and we parents feel better when we let the little ones worry about vets and horse and that is fine. But I did not mean it that way – horse is school. Really.  Some time ago, I started to play Polo, yes, when I was young I was horse back riding, that is always the question I have to answer. And please do not think that I can swing from one horse to another in the break of the chukkas like the argentine polo players do it. How I like Polo we discussed already in my post “Tribute to Polo“. 

But one can learn a lot from horses. These animals seem to be shy and according to their physiognomy their head is somehow not so flexible. There are some legends going around, that the horse sees the person 7x bigger. The fact is, that the sensitivity of the horse is the key. It does not help you to use all your tricks and hardly trained attitudes to play the strong one and it has nothing to do with your respect of fear of the horse itself. 

The horse does always what it feels you want to do. Example: I approach Clementina. She is a beautiful and peaceful Polo teacher horse, no this is no joke. A Poloteacherhorse plays the game for you, the horse will approach the ball, looks out from where it comes and turns when you do not expect it. Due to the gravity your legs are turning while your upper body with the maillet (polostick) in the hand is still 180 degrees back. A noise from your spine makes you really feel good:-), then the horse runs towards the ball with light speed and breaks in front of it with a slight turn of its  head to the side like saying .”Come on hit it, you b……, finally I prepared it for you”

Trust me, it is not only the fact that you want to hit the ball, it is also that you do not want to disappoint your horse, because there is this certain respect and the obedyant feeling for this kind of animals or the fact that you deal with an unknown species (business is calling in my mind) same with  dolphins.

The horse shows satisfaction or disappointment by just walking away  happily or suddenly bucking, and bucking and bucking till you take control over her and you finally stop it or your perspective is towards the sky from ground with the stick in your hand, and this is for sure  very good looking and gives points in self-esteem.

A very famous and experienced Polo player with handicap 10 (top elite, superstar, god) asked me recently :” Do you have an idea why they buck?” I looked at him like he is from another planet “You ask   m  e    that, maybe they do not want some of us.” With a wide smile he said :” No, they also buck when they are free and somewhere out and enjoy” 

The mind of horses and animals is luckily something we will not understand, but it shows us limits in our control behavior and for sure a certain respect of the unknown. 

Try to swim with the dolphins. I did this several times and the trainer will tell you that they cannot give you a certain dolphin because the dolphin will choose  y o u .  Lection Nr. 2 in Self-esteem, which dolphin will choose you. My preferred was Elvis, the biggest most charismatic one, who was leading all the others and communicating  with them through all their connected little ponds, so he was the boss, I love to be connected with Elvis, because it means he chose me and I am strong then (Does this remind you on something .-)) in life)

All the fish pieces and my way of grabbing attention in the water with my ridiculous life vest were unspotted by Elvis, suddenly he swam towards me with an incredible speed. (For those who never experienced this, it is very scary when you see the huge shadow moving towards you in silent water and you do not know what to expect) He stood up in front of me and I could see a certain sarcastic smile in his face before he plunged back in the water and turned away. Tracey the trainer commented it with her American way – It is not Elvis for you, he, definitely does not love you. Have fun, then not. Elvis does not love me, but at least Elvis is alive.

the following image is from Dr.Bardia Monshi, his FB page and I stole it, an incredibly inspiring professor whose approach to the spiritual world is very respected by me.



Already Sigmund Freud said it…..the biggest power is the sexual and the criminal energy and both energies are driven by the ego. The EGO is something that I have seen many people having a serious problem with. Some of them simply deny they have it and others simply overdraw. And for those who overdraw my advise is;”Don’t do it, because I saw more people falling and stumbling from EGO then from other things, it simply drives you mad..

One of the main skills a pilot should have before it goes into the technical part and the simulator is mental ability to make fast and straight decisions, which require EGO or at least something that drives him and according to the limbic system to make him expect any reward. Reward means being better and being seen, and this means EGO.

Some times ago, I met some managers who thought that it is really easy to run an aviation company and some of the people call it cool, I call it hard work and compare it with the fact that million people are the better soccer player in front of TV and would have all the necessary advises with a bottle of beer in their hand when it comes to hit the goal.

But the reality…..

I invite people and say ;”come in my lion cage and pls use my chair.” Sometimes they are not sure and then I imagine how it is when the pilots are due to their super smart brainy attitude trying to go over the limits and the new guy is sweating in the chair and when he sorts out one problem 3 others pop up and it is like turning your head 360 degrees and never sleep and even then it is not sure that you catch up with everything.

EGO is necessary to hunt and it is connected with Testosterone and Testosterone does not allow people to be peaceful because a meditating dreaming hunter will be eaten up by the lions and this does not exist in the evolution, so is EGO connected with strong and charismatic people.

The question is to which extend. Welcome to my Circus Maximus, come in and have a look. Fuerza major sounds better than EGO but means that same drive that makes people behave like incredible i…………………….

When we did our book I could already predict what will happen and according to the interviews I read I could see if the development of the specific EGO is healthy or unhealthy.

Yesterday I spend a nice day in my old world and I went to the biggest bookstore in town to see how my book is presented…………….attention EGO……………………….but before I wanted to invest into the bad economy and bought 2 Wurstsemmeln for EURO 7,–. 

When I entered the bookstore, I was too curious and looked around  biting from time to time a small little piece from my wurstsemmel, which was hidden in the bag. The sales guy ……………….careful EGO…………..spotted me and for some reason he needed attention. As I am used to this I approached him chewing my semmel and before I could ask the following dialog started

EGO SALES:                     You are not allowed to eat here, do you understand

EGO ME                             I just tasted my Wurstsemmel and I have a question

EGO SALES                        No, I cannot help you when you eat

EGO ME                               I am old enough (unfortunately) to know what I can do and when (at least I think so ;-)

EGO SALES                         All that KEBAB eater here in this entire city including you here

so that was too much he criticized my czech migration background and accused me for Kebab and it was a Wurstsemmel, it was time to boost my EGO

EGO ME                                I came her to ask for a book and want to know if it is already here

EGO SALES                         Did you order it

EGO ME                               No, I wrote it

EGO SALES                         Did you know when you ordered it

EGO ME                                I wrote it and other people will order it

EGO SALES                         Sorry but the cooking books are in the first floor

Who said I wrote a cooking book, so according to the EGO Man in the bookstore I am a Kebabeating foreigner with strong migration background who wrote a cooking book.

1 : O for the guy because my EGO was gone, Pride is not EGO and I learned it quickly. In the evening my EGO was back when Amazon sent me an email with the most favorite books that could be of any interest for me and the first one was my own book…………………………..reminded me on the song                   If you like Pina Colada……………………….where the guy dates his girlfriend and she dates him via internet


Life on the fast track

If you want to have a stress, stay with me and have a relaxed weekend. I went to Greece as there is my real peace, at least it was always like that.

The trip started at my home base, old world, the airline invented a fee for the second bag. In total I had just 5 kg luggage, but in 2 bags, as I always travel with my own pillow. From 1st of November 2011 the painairline charges 48 Euro for the second piece. Why is this so. Answer: We save the costs on loading. Really how interesting is this, and the costs for missing a slot and being late, because 220 passengers line up and congest the aisle putting double amount of bags in the hatracks do not count.

Then the safety. We are here for your safety. Our cabin crew is really glad to take care and pls shut down all your electronic devices. Pls put the chair in upright position. And the coat and the bags that are squeezed under the front seat. This is off records now, but in case you have a heavy landing and everybody has to rush out, the real problem is when 80% of the passengers are gluing in their coats and bags instead of having free cabin when in case of turbulence the hermes and pradas are flying like bullets. But let me say it this way I will be better killed from a Birkin then from a plastic bag of the disconter, has definitely more style.

Well arriving in Athens, I met my friends. no problem, tonight we are dining outside before I continue to my dream island. I prepare myself with high heels and try to fix the unnecessary years from my face by putting ice water to it, to at least look 5 years younger from 10 m away. We walk, no I limp in my new M….. and I hear the sound of a big wave of disaster coming up to Syntagma
…….What is this Thanos, I ask innocently…………………..nothing, just few people showing that they are against the austerity. ……the next minutes were really for me like I am again in my destiny there were I want to be just in front of TV …………….Hundreds of people with red flags were moving direction Syntagma and I was standing there like I could not believe what I saw.

It is difficult to say what I thought in this moment. We are all in the same boat and is it so that there can be something changed. The government will step back and the measurements will be tightened. The problem is that despite the fact that different mentalities cope with things in a different way I realized that when the crisis is on the top the desperation goes linear to top as well and the limits disappear. The entire nation has a total different lifestyle and despite the fact that this story here is not for judging good or bad, it is difficult to change habits of spending all your life outside and in restaurants to make business there, one does not easily change and an entire nation does not either.

On the way to the airport the taxi was driving a different way than usually  and I was too tired to ask, when the driver stopped and a woman jumped into the car. My face was asking  t h e   question like, and what, who and where?

“This is my wife”, the driver said, “and she needs to go the same direction like you”………………….this scene would be impossible in Vienna, and the wife turned to me, she smiled and gave me a fresh bread, which I enjoyed a lot.

Finally I landed on my dream island and I saw that the turmoil and the summer made the people tired and empty and the beautiful beach looked lonely. I talked to the MOMD (man of my dream)on the phone lying in my big bed enjoying the noise from the waves nearby and I  expressed how much I love my life when the bed was shaking and the window opened and I realized that this was an EARTHQUAKE. Being Austrian and used to control everything and everybody I was sure that the next big one was supposed to hit us in the night and I stayed outside with candles and a blanket where I felt asleep on my Greek island like homeless woman having the deepest sleep since many months.




There is an old world for me and a new world. Doing business in the old world ment, business plan ready, checked then phoning 5 of your friends, who are very well connected (life important for Vienna) then prepare yourself with the background information of the bank, the guy you are dealing with as well as his secretary (!)…..(insider info) and the most frequented restaurants in Vienna at the moment as well as all your friends and parents of your children’s schoolmates in high positions and go on………meeting.

The secretary is a dragon, what else. She is judging you already how you move and you feel that she has the real power, but you are wrong. Finally in the boardroom, as described above the situation is exactly like this and after what the psychologist call #joining# (talking unimportant things to find out who has more territory in the upcoming 39 minutes) the presentation starts. Be ready for tough questions as well as prepared protagonists who in the middle of your presentation, when you feel that you saved the world, the guy says:’Gnaedige, ich glaub Sie werden noch ein bisschen an dem Konzept arbeiten muessen bevor wir uns das anschauen.” (for those who are not fluent in Viennese……..I think you have to work on the concept still a little bit before we have another look on it……………………this means that your concept is a total disaster, that is what it says)

And you go back and do all the chain downwards, phoning the parents of your children’s schoolmates  in good positions, ringing your close friends who are important, gossip in the hip restaurants etc. …….and then in maybe 1 or 2 months and only then when you are done and your selfesteem is gone, you get the deal just for the fact that you knew the right people in the wrong positions. Welcome to my old world.

My new world is different. You prepare a plan and you present. Before you talk to somebody who can decide you have to go through 5 security and your passport is taken away. You have to explain that you are the manager and not the secretary 4x, and any business invitations for lunch or dinner are quit with the sentence :’sorry, i am married, madame.’      …………………………..Once I wrote in an email to someone, pls let us discuss the matter over lunch, and I promise and assure you that I want this deal and not a husband.

The new world is better for me, as I am used to it now, ok, true, a little bit more complicated and once you learn to read between the lines, and you do not identify the smile of the person as an agreement and you are ready that even you are promised a good deal and you find out it was just to get elegantly read of yourself, you are in the game.

And the new world is real, like I just experienced in summer, when I had a meeting in Vienna and I rushed into a very famous and known perfume palace in the center and just to take a refreshing little perfume shower I took the big bottle from the shelve and in not so moderate way poured some of the brown coloured content over my chest. Chanel Nr. 5, my beloved perfume was written on the bottle, I pourred and poured and imagined myself in a cloud of Chanel 5, like Marilyn Monroe once said, that she wears nothing but Chanel 5, when out of a sudden one of this elegant ladies from my old world yasped and yelled: …….Oh god, what a terrible odeur………………………………….now I got it as well, it was me, not it was the Chanel 5, this was  n o   Chanel 5, it was the vinegar, that the put into the bottle, ………………………….does this please mean, I smelled like a potato salad and I want to sell a plane like this.

When I complained, I felt like this is the wrong world for me. I better go to the new world, where I just live in a glass bowl and I can talk in sentences that do not contain verbs but in the bottles of the perfume palaces there is real Chanel 5 for those who are greedy like me :-))))))).


PS Perfume palaces all over the world forgive me, I spent all my money instead of food in your places, so sometimes I try the tester :-)