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Aviation shows normality

MEN or WOMAN flying ?


Business Aviation versus Airline

This is business aviation


News on board…….Dreamliner

Boeing 787



Followed by the question HOW ARE YOU and WHEN ARE YOU FINALLY THERE. How many books did we read in our entire life to find the solution. Gi Gong, Tai Chi, Horse academy and the other things such as horoscopes and tarot, followed by fortune teller  witches.

I am a cautious person when it comes to the spiritual things. Too much respect of it, really. And anyhow I do believe that for me nothing is for free in life. It proved evidence, that this is like that. One day in Hong Kong, a fortuneteller told me that I will meet a very important man for me, THE man for me. I forgot it immediately after and had some cocktails in the Peninsula Hotel, being impressed how it is really shaky when the wind is blowing (did not believe that stories till I found out myself)….Some 2 months later in a meeting I met a man, THE man as I thought within seconds. It was dazzling and the details of my fortune teller story are not for here, just so much…….As the fortuneteller described me the person so detailed – height, place and even the colour of his hair, the question was if my unconcious mind stored it and thought that was the story becoming reality – hen or egg. According to the end of it – this was it, as beside the fact that he was important, the fortune teller did forget to tell me why, as I nearly cut  him into 1000 pieces the way he behaved and wanted to impress me not knowing that unfortunately the real things in life that counts are shown only after time goes by. An average man, who got the glory from a fortuneteller so far, what a sad story.

For men is said, ……have a son, plant a tree and write a book. I am a man, really a real guy in a female body, I would be the perfect gentleman, never I would forget to light the cigarette of my TOD (target of desire) nor would I be a coward – I would jump in front of the taxi and would make a fool out of myself and I would never be afraid of the strong women I meet on my journey in life, in contrary I would be proud to have the honor to meet one or another of them. And I would dare to send out clear signs of the game between men and women. Not sending signs and then hide and enjoy the million spaces for interpretation. I would be the master guy and the most important is I would answer each and every mail within seconds, keeping my promises and never avoid a conflict, because I am a man, and there are thousands of men outside, who deserve that they are men, real chaps, dudes, guys, mecs….

Sometimes I am so much a guy that I open the door and show to the men I do business with that he can pass as I watch him and hold him the door, goodness gracious, where are we, but P. my translator to the female world says this is because I work in a men’s world and I always pay the restaurant bills and I am used to take care on me myself, “should I bring you to the hotel”………”Oh no thank you it is just close by and nobody will do anything to me” (even I am afraid to go alone, I won t show it as I do business with the guys and like a guy)

If you work with the guys in their flying devices and  hear all their problems and worries that airmen can have you just need to do one thing, Dagmar, be a real guy and do the last thing that  a guy does  –  write a book.

I did. About Pilots, a serious one, that gives all the respect for their work and shows why they become pilots and when they do have fear. I talked to hundreds of them, those who are not close to me, as I wanted to know if they are all the same. And I found out Pilots are special, and it says a lot who I am that I did this job and book and life beside them. I even married one. They want to be free and I want to be free. And wherever I go never I take pictures of the landscape and being asked why this is so I smile and respond “The real adventures are in our minds!!”

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.
Ronald Reagan



BlueSky Business Aviation News | Leading companies line up for CEPA Expo in Prague

CEPA selected to take part at EU Parliament

CEPA Expo 2011, the premier business aviation networking and conference event for Central and Eastern Europe taking place on 1-2 December, 2011 at the Prague Congress Centre, is shaping up to be a must attend event for business aviation in the CEE region. The annual event has already attracted leading companies including OEMs Hawker Beechcraft, Cessna and Bombardier.

Highlights of this year’s CEPA Expo will be the manufacturers’ panel, a legal panel and an afternoon session run by Alasdair Whyte, Editor of Corporate Jet Investor which will focus on air finance and aircraft availability in the region. A diverse range of speakers from Western Europe will cover a variety of topics demonstrating the interest CEPA has successfully generated in the region’s business aviation market. Those speaking include David Macdonald, Director, Air Partner; Mark Bisset, Partner, Clyde & Co.; Alan Cunningham, Partner DLA Piper; Mathew Day, director, Hayward Aviation; Brendan Lodge, Business Development Director, JetBrokers Europe; Dr. Daniel Luetolf, CEO, Swiss Aviation Consultants; Eddy Pieniazek, Global Head of Consultancy, Ascend; Werner Slavik, Head of Aircraft Finance, HYPO Luftfahrzeuge Leasing and Oliver Stone, Managing Director, Colibri Aircraft will join counterparts from Eastern Europe.

CEPA’s growing influence recognized by presence at EU Parliament

Reflecting the credibility of CEPA as a source of valuable commercial information and recognizing its ability to promote the region in the area of business aviation, the association’s founder Dagmar Grossmann was invited to join the Polish Government at a prestigious conference, held at the European Parliament, entitled “The Brand ‘Poland’ – The Improvement of Poland’s Image in the World”. CEPA participated in the panel discussion titled “Innovative Economy in Modern Europe”. The debate focused on how economic innovations are seen by member countries of the European Union as an opportunity to boost economic growth. “New economies benefit from low labour costs and the countries are still in the process of growing and can be flexible. Central Europe has the greatest potential for growing and launching new businesses,” said Ms. Grossmann.

CEPA Founder, Dagmar Grossmann (picured far right), was invited to join the Polish Government at a prestigious conference, held at the European Parliament, entitled “The Brand ‘Poland’ – The Improvement of Poland’s Image in the World”.

About CEPA

The CEPA Association was formed to promote the interests of private aviation in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia and in due course, other markets including Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. CEPA builds on its worldwide experience and contacts in the aviation industry to bring together the major players and innovators in the business aviation and private aviation sectors to debate, analyse, structure, and thoughtfully consider the best way forward for private aviation in the strategic heartland of Europe.


Frog game

I bet you know the feeling when you wake up late and the coffeemachine is slow and the dog just messed up the living room and you know it will be a tough day.

Well before I start, the following description is just existing in the phantasy of the author only. :-)

Hint Nr. 2 before you continue reading just consider to also check the blog of my friend DOMO, as her smile blog – in German – is something that I am always looking forward on such a day, every Thursday she lights up my Thursdays with stories from home, good old Austria.

And instead Y O U  are in the new world here and …

You just leave home and what are you searching —– what? ….please all the girls do not let me be alone with this ————-the car key, voila. Of course the car key and my friend Sigi gave me a tool that looks like an electric plug in which you plug your key. And I put it there and searched it for more then 1 hour, not used to have order in these little things.

Completely sweating in one hand the bag then 5 other bags  and the dress for the evening with the shoes that fit and because of the shortage of time the coffee mug. I try to close the door that my beloved dog is not following me and I hit it so strongly that the doorbell starts to ring and the housekeeper comes out and the dog escapes and hides under the car. In the meantime I place my mug on the roof of the car to get the dog away which causes a problem as I have 2 dogs and the second dog thinks that I will do something to his friend and is pulling on my Pr..a jacket. I start to shout and my housekeeper thinks she has to bring something from inside but the door is closed and the key is inside. …….OK, slowly. open the garden door, bring all the animals inside, tell the housekeeper you love her and go back to your car, right.

The dogs inside I just push back my car and wonder why it is raining coffee. Oh my god, and the mug falls down and breaks, so I wait till I roll over the broken mug and my tire is torn, when my mother phones in. Me :”Mum please i am really let s say under stress”….my mother :”Good morning, I do not understand why you are always stressed, can you imagine, my neighbor came home at 4 and he took even a shower – I will complain.” My nerves are on a thin thread when I hold a monolog about tolerance and the fact that it is better to have a showering neighbor then the opposite and for sure I lost my mother as a friend for the next weeks.

You arrive to the office and it is photo shooting day. The smell of coffee and the friendly faces let me hope that it is finally a good day. My plan is to sort out everything till 11 and then do the post and the emails and the afternoon will be for the new projects. I approach my desk and see that there are some urgent things that cannot wait and start to do it, while 5 people line up in front of my office to have “5 minutes” each. My body language says no as I lift the hand to create a barrier but it does not help me at all. The 5 minutes thieves come in and start to talk and talk as there is no tomorrow. While 2 are in my office I have to find a quick solution and this is the point. It means that for each of the 300 problems, you as the GM, have to immediately know all details and side agreements, and even better all figures to make a judgment. So it is not new that I try to get a picture by asking Why. ..Why….why….and guess what, the problem becomes bigger instead of smaller.

The  phone is ringing and while one call is on hold the mobile phone is wringing too, I kill the caller, even it is the MOMD (Men of my dreams) while I identify a new sound on my mobile phone. My assistant invented the virtual calendar that reminds me on something such as ……….flight to London in 3 weeks, 4 days, 7 hours and 8 minutes. This has a daily reminder. Where can I please stop it. The only escape for me is the bathroom. So I rush to the bathroom to have some quiet minutes. The bad thing is that I have to pass 3 offices and 15 people. “Excuse me, can I have 5 minutes”……..”Yes, just a second please, I will be back in few moments and then we do the pictures, really”…………………………..I take a deep breath in the bathroom and put some makeup for the photo shooting. When I come back, everything is sort of ready except the camera which battery was not charged and the charger is physically not present, but will be back soon :-)

Finally I run back to my office and I am afraid. Afraid of my own mobile phone, that is communicating with me. And while my friend is phoning me I type the email and I grasp for words that do not come to my mind. “sorry”, I said, ” I can t speak German any more fluently, can you imagine”….she answered”you are dement, that is all”…….I even lost that friend.

Well I start with the dog and I end with sorting out problems with the guys in their flying devices and it reminds me on the game that children play when they hit a hammer on each of the frogs that pop up. A noise tells them that this frog is gone while on another side another frog pops up. Children pls exercise this game very well as you will badly need it once you are adult.




What does good look like being a mother?

“She is tall and has long blond hair, she is smoking and laughing and she knows a lot of people. Sometimes she like to go out in the evening but we do not know how this is called what is is working at and she wears red lip stick”. The teacher called me in after correcting the work of the children and I was prepared for the question if I am working in the red light district.  No I am not, that is just because teacher ask strange questions and they spy in the families. Voila. We do not know how her job is called. Well later the boys rolled their eyes when someone said, “so your mother works in aviation, hm pilot, right?”……”No pilot” and again, how do we call what I do.

I think it is not important, as I feel, that it is a lot, but I also have to be a mum. I should be relaxed and cook and always have time. Ok, relaxed, well well, cooking is ok, at least for me. Maybe not for those who watch me. But this is because all the others are so different and I am normal. (that reminds me on the guy who drives in the wrong direction on the highway and calls his wife telling her that today everybody is crazy and uses the wrong lane :-)) Yes it is true, that I cook many things at the same time, and then I do the table 5 minutes before having 15 people for dinner, and the food is ok, but everybody is afraid, do not understand why. I need the speed in my life and I love to be different. This is because god sent me very conservative children and they maybe needed someone who is stirring at the rice and then doing the soup, but this is not me. I agree that sometimes the stress level is a little bit too much and I remember when I drove a car full of singing children in the morning to school just putting a coat over my nightdress to drop them and buy the fresh bread for the breakfast. A stupid habit was that I left my phone at home that just in this moment the kids are not bothered. One day at the traffic light a flame came out of my motor. I stopped the car and it obviously had a motorproblem. So I jumped on the bus with the bread and the coat and the nighty and no money for the ticket.

Years went by and the crazy italian family became more quiet and adult except one person……………and now it comes to my mind. A while ago my son said ” Mumy, not these shoes and the other car pls”…..”why”……”look at your passport”……”what does my passport have to do with the Manolos and the Porsche”…………………………”The date of birth”………………………….I love my children, I really do.


Luxury on board – good or bad?

Lufthansa announced that they will fly with the A380 and they will just have 380 passengers on board. Compared to AirFrance it is like being in the desert alone, when AirFrance will board 524 passengers.

Emirates just being really smart and understanding how to fight the competition invented recently the new first class. A bed for two, woowwww, and on top of all the    s h o w e r . I do not want to disappoint you, but imagine a plane, this is a limited space and then the water. It means that just the first one is showering with fresh water, the others use the over and over cleaned water of his predecessor. And how is it with the shower, does it mean it is a public space in which you can go and spend some time. To be honest, at least it is better than before and at least the airlines understand that the client is important. Competition is always good. And even Paulo Coelho in the warrior says: Always watch your competitor then you see what you missed to do.

True, and in the case of the shower it is fabulous, as we slowly approach the times when the passengers had human rights and this is good like this.

Even I think that I cannot imagine, that with the current attitude and mess in the airlines it would be possible to implement a shower and give the passengers the attention and feeling of being important for what they finally paid for.

And the good treatment of clients does not start on board, it starts at the check-in and at the gate and at the security. Finally the children who have to be pushed through the x-ray and the elderly people who are weak and thirsty cannot drink because the dynamic of fear and opportunity made people second class of us passengers, and we cannot do anything against it, because then we will be offloaded from the flight. I will praise those airlines, who will finally understand that in times like this competitive advantage is to say good morning how are you today and I will bring you the newspaper you so much wanted. And that they call me Mrs. Grossmann instead of 4A. I know it will come, and it is important to understand that terroristic attacks cannot be avoided by not serving a great smelling croissant in the morning with a smile from a beautiful flight attendant who radiates confidence and is happy that she can have this job. Because this job is about learning a lot for the future life. It is about judging more than 400 people a day, because this is the amount that passes you by and all of my friends working as a flight attendant are wonderful special women, doing a hard job. It is just about the little little bit of respect towards the passengers and the fact that we have to understand that without them all these jobs would not exist.



What to wear when you travel…

… always look good and mainly slim it is necessary to wear the expensive stuff, that looks casual. And not too much color. Understatement, that is the secret. Gone are the days when the pink dress and the blue coat came together with a big Halo, the cigarette in the corner of your mouth together with tons of “Aromatic Elixir” (for those who do not know this is the feromon parfum that kills the guys before they can think what they did).

Well, well those days are gone. Now we wear camelcolour. Camel color skirt and shirt and maybe the latest “MiaouMiaou” Bag, that has  absolutely no schnickschnack on it. Nr. 1 nobody must know that you work hard and earn money yourself, Nr. 2 the understatement shows that you do not really need to show – as less is more. You show off at home when you feed your horses while the servants in your castle are preparing the food for the dinner party.

………….No, joking, you wear all that stuff, because yon have to walk at least 2 miles (e.g. Brussels airport) undress yourself 3 x at the security and carry the bag in which you put everything and squeeze it that it finally fits in the box that they recently have at the gate, to see if it is not too big. If it is too big, then you can take something out and carry it in your hand or on your head.

Excuse me – can anybody tell me the logic of taking the stuff in your hand and remove it from the suitcase just to serve the statistic. This is a question that nobody could ever answer, but I keep on asking.

Well and comfortable should be the dress you are wearing on the long flights.

Such as a skirt with an elastic, from this wonderful brand making also shoes and bags. I was on my way to Brasil, and by the way it was 2005, and I was excited that there was  a good business in front of me. On my flight from Prague I was upgraded to business class and my business friend P. and myself we started  the trip with champagne. And another champagne and then a third champagne. We were really excited and knew that we would have a decent sleep on the long trip ahead of us then with the nice drinks. In London after landing we stopped at the gate and everybody had to disembark through the front exit, that means that 230 people or those 95 that could see (and you know that everybody is anticipating that the front door opens as all of them want to leave at the same time), looked to the front, when I got up but P. was sitting on my designer skirt with the elastic band and I got up but my skirt stayed in the seat.

The best was that for a moment I did not realize that my skirt was still sitting in my chair  – but seeing the smiling faces I understood that something must be wrong. I looked to my chair and saw my skirt there while I was standing without a skirt  in the front part of the cabin.  I realized my situation and  I said discretely to my co-traveller “I have lost my skirt”, but he was so shocked that he did not know what to say nor what to do, so I sat down and pretend that I was not here and I was searching for the hole in the ground to disappear. But there was no hole, only the entire crew stood in the galley to great the passengers good by, giggling while watching my battle with the lazy skirt.

The only thing to do now was  to escape. And when I disembarked and ran to the transit i saw a long queue and I recognized many of my co-passengers were faster, while I had to recover in the bathroom, rinsing the cold water over my hands to forget and to go on but  their lovely smile told me that at least they will have a story once they come home.

When i phoned my office from Brasil later on, I just mentioned briefly that I lost my skirt after landing in London and I  felt that even they had a great day, when they hang up the phone and realized me standing there hoping for that moment to diminish.

Wolfgang v. Goethe said already in his oeuvre ” Wenn einer eine Reise tut, dann kann er was erzaehlen.”

I keep it with – better not :-)



What is love?

This is the question. Is love when your heart is bumping when you see the object of your desire, or is it when you just kiss your children good by or even if your dog is checking in the morning if you are still alive and is jumping on your head before making a salto mortale from the bed.

Love, what a word. Million of books were written about it and million of hearts were broken. Do I believe in Love? Well, I do but the love that I believe in changed over the years. And from the crazy jealous and wild actions it turned into great wonderful shared crazy moments. I do believe that within 20 seconds you know if this person is someone you at least want to spent the next hour with. I cannot understand how people fall in love with an image in the papers or via internet, when they do not know what kind of person they have in front of them.

Can you stand the person and are you fine how he is  ordering the wine and how he is spelling the complicated italian main course. And when it comes to the bill, does your love let you pay half or are you taking over the entire bill. I am an Austrian girl, and by all means our guys, the austrian ones, have really manors, this is what I so much missed in my new world. I love the feeling when you meet the lawyer and he claps his legs and makes a bow before he says- *Regards to Maman and Papa and I recommend myself to you, kiss hand*

It is hard if you finally carry your bags yourself in the new world and  serve the gentleman the cake and the coffee in the restaurant where you meet and you imagine this scene 5 years later in your house, when you cook the food, that you bought at 22.00 in the supermarket after a hard day of work and you open the wine and your love (or your believed love) is watching TV while eating. I love Vienna, I do love Vienna and I love that fact that I have a strong alarm system that always works.

And I love the love. And I think it is also funny when you want to visit the men of your dreams and you do not wear your glasses, because of  vanity. You get the room card handed out in Rome and you identify 723 as 728 insisting with your card on opening 728. The red light on the door is blinking and you still try. Out of a sudden a really handsome guy opens the door with the words -“Finally you are here, I was waiting the whole afternoon drinking nearly a bottle of wine.”

Not sure if I should continue to meet  my MOMD (men of my dreams) next door when it came out that I used the wrong door while the room guy was waiting for somebody he was supposed to date from the internet and not knowing how she really is looking like.

Would be worth to give this relation a try, I really love this nice start ups, and I hate when things are endlessly and boring. Love for me is the feeling of never ever being alone on this planet in this and the next 3 lives. And to just make it clear I end my todays blog with the letter to the corinths from the bible for all lovers and future lovers who believe …..                                             (Taj Mahal)

Love is very patient,
Love is very kind,
Love is never envious
Or vaunted up with pride.     

She never is resentful,
Is never glad with sin,
But always glad to side with truth,
Whene’er the truth should win.

She bears up under everything,
Believes the best in all,
There is no limit to her hope,
And never will she fall.

Nor is she conceited,
And never is she rude,
Never does she think of self
Or ever get annoyed.