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Archive for September, 2011


CEPA EXPO and how does it go….

Every morning we sit together and create ideas and ways to improve our CEPA EXPO. How interesting it is to see all these motivated people coming up with excellent ideas and how wonderful is it to have a vision.

It is more and more building up and we have hundreds of phone calls and paper everywhere and we need to send out the press package,… plus where is the description of the booth. And suddenly you find out that you need the credit card of someone and he is not any more online. Cool down guys it is interesting and important to be part of a new venture. And it is the same like building a house or seeing your child making the first steps………CEPA EXPO is growing. And I am so proud of all  the uncounted helpers and people who want to have a place in the association that connects West and EAST. And from one come three and from three are ten and so on. And we always say, this is the beginning and we will see next year and all of us, sharing a mug of coffee in our beautiful office smile when we see the girls fighting with the teleprompter, …..the text is too slow…… are not natural, we cut again, and again and again……and put color on your lips Anastassja, you beautiful girl,……yes I will do, where are my papers. Sorry has anybody seen my dog, hopefully he did not escape. No he would not from this wonderful busy office, when you are witnessing a really great moment, a historical moment that something is created and all the great young people will be there when we look back to all the funny and important moments. Thank you all, I know it will be a great beginning….. oh the dog is here, finally, he is eating the credit card of the person we badly needed….



Airline versus Jet

I am trying to make people understand that it is not always an expensive alternative to use the business jet. I do this for more than 25 years. And everything that I have to do now is flying an airline. Last time I used my home country legacy-airline which name is the same like you hurt yourself………ouuuuuuuuaaaa.

As I had a cabin trolley and a handbag, they checked me in, the girl or better older girl comment over my head that the people these days are terrible. So I asked if there is a problem. And she said that having 2 pieces is not allowed. That means what ?………nothing, but I should understand it is not good. For me just yes or no counts. The discussion was going on while she screened my boarding pass. I ignored it and left direction airplane.

Finally when I reached my place and looked at the newspaper the old girl appeared in front of me with a very upset voice and said :”If you complain then I will tell you something, ….I do not understand you and finally this what you did, traveling with 2 pieces is terrible.”

For those who know me, this is for sure not a good way to approach me, yelling in front of others and using ego. I told her that I am glad, that the airlines do my job, and that I kindly ask to have peace now otherwise I will offload her from the plane :-)… i repeat the airlineslogans.

I reminded me on the fact that mobbing is when many people have a bad opinion on something without knowing why. Passengers have no right and it is time to understand that the airlines have to understand that passengers are clients.

“We are here just in case of any emergency”….I am a so called frequent flyer and I CONSTANTLY measure for how long I do not see anybody in the cabin, the longest period was 42 minutes.

We offering the jets offer free passengerchange, liquids and unlimited baggage and if you are in trouble, we take care that you feel better, with champagne, with gestures with a nice word of the captain of just with the fact that we know how to treat our passengers. I am proud of my people and I know that the jets will always have a future for the fact that we cannot risk not to appreciate our passengers.

Welcome on Board

Dagmar Grossmann

PS today the costs for overluggage reached a historical peak at USD 400 for 30 lbs.


Erde von oben


Economic Forum and next step CEPA EXPO

We travelled by bus, then by car, then by plane and by car again, we wanted to buy some fruits and we did  not have the right currency in the small village before Krynica Stroj and we arrived in a total different world of thousands of smart people who wanted to discuss what will the future bring. For me it was one of the biggest honors and also a little fear to stand the pressure of expectation and to cool the nerves when the room suddenly filled up. This was the first step to show that aviation has a future and the future is in front of our door in Central Europe and the next is to have the CEPA EXPO. We want to have people met and share their experiences and to make the event to an important jour fix in the international industry, and it will be. Great thanks for all those who believe and support us. There is much more to do than to rather wait what will come next. The most successful people dared to start something without waiting for the others to be the first. We have a wonderful program and I am more than looking forward to the 1st and 2nd of december 2011 to spend with smart and nice people a good conference.


Das hier hat wirklich Stil….

Moebel aus Flugzeugteilen, 


The aviation future and so on

Dagmar Grossmann on Economic Forum Poland 2011

We discussed the future of aviation in Poland at the Central European Davos Symposium. And the questions and statements were “Is the railway a competition to the aviation?” Should we have all the same regulations?” What is the problem of the economy when people do not travel, or do people not travel because of the bad economy?”

It was very interesting to see the different view of everyone in the auditorium and of course us in the panel. My opinion is and was that in 10 years from now on the majority of flights will be carried out by whether Low Cost Carrier or Business Aviation.

It is important for those who work in aviation and those you are interested to support it. People will always travel and move. It was like this since beginning of human life. Now we travel by car or plane and the fast development of the industry is just a sign that this kind of business is catching up with the technologies. Important is that those involved are supporting each other, even competitive, the rules are clear, but ethics and behavior is not a question of competition and for the economists among us the good example is the “prisoners game” that shows finding an agreement moves all involved parties further.

I love aviation.



Frauen sind anders

Innerhalb von 48 Stunden war ich bei 3 Veranstaltungen in Paris – London und Prag eingeladen und musste dort auch sprechen bzw. mich vernuenftig unterhalten. Bei der ersten Verantstaltung in Prag habe ich vor 250 Frauen ueber meinen Beruf gesprochen. Es war sehr ungewoehnlich, da ich immer nur in schwarze Anzuege und Krawatten blicke, neuerdings auch in die gelangweilten Augen beim Hochblicken von den Iphones. Es war anders, denn die Frauen sind interessiert und man spuert, dass sie alle irgendwie ein schlechtes Gewissen haben. Aber ich halte es mit Khalil Ghibran der sagte : Kinder sind Gaeste, die nach dem Weg fragen.

Und es bleibt in einem Leben noch die Zeit, dass man sich einen kleinen Teil davon fuer sich selbst nimmt. Diese Frauenaugen wollten das auch von mir hoeren und ich bin mir sicher, denn Polo und Bloedsinn und vieles mehr habe ich mir erst erlaubt als meine geliebten Gaeste nicht mehr um 4 Uhr morgens im ganzen Haus den Geruch von frischen Chili con carne verbreitet haben, nachdem sie sich die Naechte um die Ohren geschlagen haben. Und ich kann jetzt auch einmal mit festem Gewissen den Frauen raten, dass sie ihrem Herzen folgen sollen.

Dies tut auch Michel Piccoli, der wunderbare leider sehr in die Jahre gekommene Schauspieler in Habemus Papam, dem neuen Film, in welchem er nach langen Qualen seinem Herzen folgt. Jetzt hoere ich meine Freunde schon laut johlen, denn ich bin jemand dem man immer das Ende des Filmes erzaehlen kann. Also der Michel Piccoli entscheidet sich fuer……………..leider nein, ich sags nicht, denn ich moechte meine Freunde noch sehr sehr lange haben.

Glueck ist Freiheit und fuer Freiheit braucht man Mut.