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Archive for August, 2011


India and reward for being brave

What a year 

Firstly the chinese fortuneteller said, this is the year of peace and harmony, it is the year of the rabbit. After the year of the tiger 2010 we badly need the year of the rabbit.

But the rabbit is like a fast train, like a roller coaster, like a hurricane. The business is fast, the time is running and you never stop. My holidays were wonderful, because I travelled back in time, no TV, no phone, just peace and quietness. At the end of the nearly 3 weeks, I counted the hours to be back in civilization, and the first thing we did, was ordering a chicken curry, but it knocked us off, we just were not used to it after all that healthy and nice food. But we survived it. And back in work I know that it is important to be able to concentrate for more than 5 minutes on just one single thing.

Scary say the others but I like it, it took me 3 weeks to learn it and another 3 years to keep it. And the rabbit year pulls me on a thread up and down from one event to the other. But at the end it is always a great thing, the good things come always for those who can wait, and then you get the golden olive twig for patience and surviving the hazzle. To finally survive the frog in my room in India, and I said to myself, “where is a frog there must be a snake” and voila a big black snake came up the wall from outside. For those who know me, no i did not have a heart attack, I was even too shocked to faint. Remembering me jumping on the bed and stomping there make me think that i deserve the olive twig really, and my helper there just said “big snake but no poison”, it does not matter I am dying before being bitten anyhow. India is incredible and wonderful.


What does count in life

Dalai Lama flies with Grossmann Jet in Europe